Chip problems affect Honda M’sia general new car production; Delivery

Honda Malaysia has announced that it is facing production problems for new vehicles, including its manufacturing plant at Pegoh, Melaka. In addition to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, disruption of global semiconductor chip supply has been linked to this problem, thus affecting the supply chain that supports car production.

The company further said that due to problems affecting production as well as high market demand, customers who place orders may experience delivery delays depending on the model and form of their choice.

In fact, some deliveries may not be possible before the sale and service tax (SST) exemption period – 100% for CKD vehicles, 50% for CBUs – ending June 30, 2022. For example, Honda Malaysia apologizes for any inconvenience to customers And tries to maximize production output as much as possible.

In fact, not only did Honda Malaysia face this problem, Proton announced the same thing in early May. In fact, this problem has also been encountered by most of the car manufacturers in the world who are experiencing production problems due to the supply chain of semiconductor chips in addition to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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