Chevy’s high-performance blazer SS EV Spy is captured in the photo

Chevrolet’s upcoming Blazer SS electric SUV has been tested in the woods this week alongside a petrol-powered blazer and Volkswagen’s ID.4 EV, indicating that GM is using the German Compact as the standard for chassis tuning.

This prototype gives some Hyundai Ioniq 5 vibe under its steady-mass camouflage, but the lines are undoubtedly complete with a blazer, ripped rear hunch around its headlights and wide eyeliner. The front fender tape on the driver’s side gives the location of its charge port (no wonder there) and the ridiculous rear light indicates that we are not seeing the final sheet metal, at least not on that side of the car.

While ID.4 is fun to drive, it’s not particularly fast by EV standards. Chevy is billing the Blazer SS Electric as a performance-oriented BEV, so we’re fairly confident that GM’s interest in Volkswagen ID.4 ends with its ride and handling balance. If you spring for the all-wheel-drive model, the VW ID.4 can sprint to 60 in 5.7 seconds and is a good clip for a mainstream gas-powered CUV, the best for the current generation of electric models.

And speaking of benchmarking, we expect that GM will be far from VW’s internal UX. This prototype appears to be at least an early version of Chevy’s intended production interior; Otherwise why go so long to cover it? What we’ve seen so far with GM’s other electrical options is comforting; Even Bolt’s internal facilities are better implemented than ID.4. We see some basic elements of its infotainment system (see, a new one!) Wrapped behind an all-digital cluster. It bears a resemblance to the upcoming Silverado EV’s infotainment system.

Chevy says we’ll see Blazer SS EV production before the end of the year.

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