Chevrolet Spark EV battery is no longer available

Since the Chevrolet Spark EV’s debut in 2012, the smallest electric tike known for its snooty lime color alternatives has sold out in just four years from 2013 to 2016. At the time, GM sold about 7,400 units, mostly vehicle orders in states with zero emissions, such as California, Oregon and Maryland. Anger, compliance car direction, old battery chemistry, small sales explain why total EV-resources Reports that GM has discontinued the Spark EV battery pack. According to some Chevrolet parts department that contacted the outlet, the ordering system showed the hatchback’s battery pack as unavailable until April 7. An automaker district representative said “who wanted to remain anonymous.” EV-resources“We’re not going to supply that battery anymore.”

The Spark EV has started life with a battery pack supplied by China’s A123 system. Buyers are in trouble, so GM has partnered with LG Chem to bring packs into the house from 2014 to 2016. GM offers an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty on the battery, but it doesn’t matter if it’s there. There is no pack to replace the broken unit. And there is no third-party support for relatively cheap but complex models that are sold in such small numbers. A Chevy dealer commented on the Facebook page of Tech Spark EV owner, “I won’t miss them. They were the hardest to work with compared to the Volt, Bolt, Hybrid Tahos and Malibu batteries.”

Spark EV owners who have terminal battery damage will have little choice but to fight a junk yard or buyback, as the Facebook owner’s page is already full of owners selling their hatch or they are considering selling their hatch before they reach the end. One owner said that “In a discussion with Chriswell Chevrolet (MD), they said, ‘If the battery had failed, we would not have replaced it. No one is available so we will buy the car back. ” Others are quoting from places like Caravana, the superheated market offers tidy potential profits, with purchase figures ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 16,000. Used car sales sites are asking around $ 16,000 or more for the Spark EV from the final two model years.

GM did not respond to requests for comment from multiple outlets, so the guiding principle for Spark EV drivers at the moment seems to be “save yourself.”

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