Catalytic converter theft is on the rise in Malaysia

While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Catholic Transformation seems to be on the rise in the country. Thieves are targeting part of the item housing exhaust, and no wonder why.

The unit – which converts harmful substances from chemical reactions into exhaust gases (carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and hydrocarbons) into less harmful substances such as carbon dioxide and water vapor – contains a variety of platinum, rhodium and rhodium. Its construction.

These metals are applied in converters to act as a catalyst that reacts with the exhaust gas, which is being noticed, because they are more valuable than the weight of gold, of course in the case of the last two components. Stolen items are sold to scrap metal dealers for various precious metal prices and it can fetch quite a bit.

Last month, a woman revealed that her Honda City converter had been stolen when the car was parked at the Glenmari LRT station while her family was taking the train on a trip to Kuala Lumpur. While vehicles parked in unreasonable public places may be more susceptible to such incidents of theft, seemingly nowhere safe, not even your own home.

In a post on the Prius Club Malaysia FB page, Kuganesan S. revealed that his Catalytic converter of the Toyota Prius had been stolen, the thieves jacked the car and cut off the exhaust portion of the car with the converter and oxygen sensor. He added that the cost of the replacement quoted by the service center was RM5,100, and he filed a police report for an insurance claim.

Unlike last month’s lawsuit, the theft did not take place in a public spot, but in Kuganesan’s home, where the car was parked outside. Such incidents are becoming commonplace – a friend had a converter in his Honda Odyssey, which was parked just outside his home, was stolen last year, and he had to pay a good amount for the replacement.

While it is impossible to completely prevent theft, there are ways to prevent your car from becoming a victim. If you’re out and about, park in a well-lit – and crowded – area if possible and look to install an anti-theft device on your catalyst converter or a vibration-triggered car alarm.

The last few item costs are involved, of course, but it saves you the extra cost down the line when the unit is free of your car. Even more so if you own something like Prius, which is at the top of the list of catalyst converter theft targets in the US because its converter contains a lot of precious metals.

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