Carbide EV Charging, Polyester and Stordot, Stellantis and Samsung SDI: Today’s

Polyester invests in some very fast-charging batteries and Stellantis partners with Samsung SDI. And could a Seattle program for placing EV chargers on residential streets serve as a template for other big cities? This and more, here and here Green Car Report.

Automaker Stellantis on Tuesday announced a joint-venture EV battery plant with Samsung SDI in Indiana. Set to begin in 2025, the plant will be one of two battery supply plants in North America and will contribute to the electrical transformation of many brands of Stalantis, including Jeep, Ram, Dodge and Chrysler.

Polyester has announced that it is investing in battery firm Storddot, which aims to mass-produce EV batteries by 2024, capable of adding a range of about 100 miles in five minutes of charging. From here, Polyester will test Stordot’s silicon-based battery technology in a “proof-of-concept car” and it will be considered for production model by 2026.

And for those who want to drive an EV without off-street parking, there is hope – if you’re in Seattle. Pacific Northwest City has a program through which you can request a Level 2 carbide station at no cost, paying a flat fee per kilowatt. Since it is a public road, it must come first, get first, so it can have some discussions with the neighbors.


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