We call the Friday before Easter ‘Good Friday’, but in Germany it is actually called Happy friday It roughly translates to ‘Car Friday’. The centerpiece of the day in Germany is Nবারrburging, so last Friday I packed my camera gear, loaded the car, and drove three hours to the green hell. The car is Friday Festival

Within two and a half hours of the drive I knew the event was going to be wild; Some performance metal on the limited highway has overtaken me at incredible speeds. But another thing I noticed was that it was time to arrive at Google Maps Growing I arrived near Nürburgring. The traffic toward the ring was so heavy that I finally arrived an hour later than I expected.


If you have never visited Nürburgring, you probably do not know that Nürburg, where it is located, is a small village. So when thousands of car enthusiasts are looking for a parking spot, and parking is limited because it’s not an official race day, the roads get stuck really fast.


I chose to park my car at Apex Nürburg, an official Nürburgring taxi company that hires track-focused cars and offers passenger rides on their Manthey-Racing-ready Porsche GT2 RS. But more on that later.


I planned to visit several spots on and around the track, but due to the amount of traffic and the lack of parking, I decided to focus on the entrance to N নrburging. So let’s dive straight into Car Freightag 2022 …


The first car I noticed from a distance was the BMW E34 Turing, but it had a better close-up – a full roll cage and recaro seats at the front. Sometime after the ring it became overheated, so the owner put the car down to cool, before filling the tank and back again.


I always approve of using a car for its intended use, and the owner of this Mercedes Benz AMG GT Black series did not waste time getting his gloves and racing shoes and running some laps. In the right hand (read: Maro Angle, longtime Mercedes-AMG factory driver) this model is capable of a 6:43 Nবারrburging lap, which is running. I like details like the Carbon AMG logo.


This BMW F80 M3 GT3 won’t be out of place at a car show, but when you realize that it can do 7:11 laptop time from bridge to gantry, you know it means business too. If you want to see it in action, watch the video from the day its owner Christian Vidal made a lap.


As I mentioned in the introduction, I parked my car at the Apex Nবারrburg compound. This Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR (MR for Manthey-Racing) version is one of those cars that you can pay for a taxi lap. The man in the picture above is Tom Murley, one of Apex’s professional racing drivers. Last year, Ryan Stewart did a great job writing on a Manthey-Racing GT3 RS MR.


By now you may have noticed a few Spanish license plates. It looks like a number of cars have been trailed from Spain to the ring, especially for car freightags, one of them being the green BMW E46 M3 that runs from Bridge to Gantry Lap during the day at 7:49.


Another favorite was the ultra-yellow BMW E92 M3 which has a great deal of features including RAYS Volk Racing TE37 wheels, AP racing brakes, custom front fender and a huge rear wing. These were just what I could see from the outside; I’m sure there’s a lot more under its skin.

A paradox on wheels that I call … Lamborghini Huracan STO is made for the track, but during car freightag, the Turistenfahrten rule applies, it’s too loud to use in the ‘ring’. Yes, even Nürburgring has word limits. Other than that, this is a great car, even if some color choice is made by the owners, wrong. Funny


At one point I thought Spenter, Trying to find the best new model Porsche 911 GT3 with the best specification Dozens of them were literally parked in the lot of the Ring Entrance, from black to white and this, which I would call NATO green. I’m wondering if it’s a PTS (paint from sample) color or maybe a wrap?


I’m going to end things with a single image short car freightag: the Lamborghini Aventador S after an easy Honda Civic. It’s really diverse, but if you need more proof, be sure to check out the huge gallery of images below.

Jeroen Willemsen
Instagram: jaccojeroen


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