Brabus Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature Edition puts 900 horses in the water

A few years ago, Brabas tied up with a line of Brabas-brand maritime transport with the Finnish boat manufacturer Axoper. The Brabus Shadow 800 was the first watercraft in the Drydock collaboration, powered by two supercharged Mercury Verado 400R outboard engines capable of reaching speeds of up to 50 knots (58 miles per hour). Carefully four years ago, Brabas committed to creating just 20 examples, each sold with a special Garmin nautical watch as a bonus. Times have changed. Brabas has just released the latest version of his boat, the Shadow 900 Deep Blue Signature. It is powered by two Mercury Marine 450R V8 racing engines, with 900 horsepower making ocean life a maximum speed of 70 miles per hour.

Where the Shadow 900 Black-Ops Limited Edition goes just for the hardcore vibe and deep cover, the 38-foot Deep Blue Signature Edition is tilted to “Ultra-Elegance”, thanks to a special color scheme that has plenty of blue carbon fiber. Hull these pictures don’t do it justice, in fact – the photos of an example for sale show how deep the deep blue signature version is. It can hold up to ten passengers while classifying 12 guests into offshore specs in coastal camouflage. Four configurations from the manufacturer offer A fully open off-quarter, an off-the-shelf bar package, a multi-storage console for more water sports equipment, or a queen-size bed behind the cockpit.

After partnering with Italian diving watch maker Paneraei from Garmin, each Shadow Deep Blue can be purchased with a limited edition Paneraei. Submersible S BRABUS Blue Shadow Edition Watch. There is an example of the Shadow 900 Deep Blue Day boat that is now on sale for 660,000 euros ($ 695,838 US), the watch runs around $ 51,000. And since you’re going all the way, you can add a Brabus 900 sedan to the menu. If you want to work your way up to that level of water-borne promise, Brabas has announced a Shadow 300 version that will save you some money, emphasizing “something”.

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