Bolt EUV Redline, Panasonic 4680 Pace, Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Old Semifinals:

Tesla has said that it wants to speed up the development of Panasonic batteries. Truck manufacturers consider diesel semis reconstruction to be a fuel-cell rig. And the GM Chevy Bolt gives the UV a sporty look that goes hand in hand with its petrol models. This and more, here and here Green Car Report.

GM Chevrolet Bolt has released a new redline version for the second model year of the EUV, starting soon. The rest of the 2023 Chevy Bolt EV lineup, which has been extensively refreshed and given a deeper price reduction, has only been carried with a new color option — and yes, a shade of red.

According to Panasonic’s CFO, in a recent update, Tesla is pushing for faster development of its larger 4680 cell format. The cell supplier pointed to the technological challenge of creating new cells and said in the final fall that “new techniques are needed to create them.”

And can the hydrogen fuel-cell conversions of the old diesel semis help clear long-distance tracking? The two solutions released this week emphasize that with the current wait of more than a year for the new truck chassis, it could be a way to clean up the company’s fleets soon – where the hydrogen supply is understood, ie.


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