BMW’s DC Fast Charger Network express-price in pay-per-use rates

Last week, we published a report that BMW DC Fast Chargers installed at BMW Malaysia dealerships are now operating on a per-use basis, with different rates varying by location.

BMW Malaysia further stated that although not all dealers have started implementing this policy, eventually the whole network will charge the same rate for all dealerships.

The rate is now known through a document we have observed It states the price charged according to the capacity of the electricity (output) produced by the DC charger.

There are six fixed price segments ranging from 30 kW to 180 kW output, and rates vary for users of BMW EV vehicles and other brands, as this range of DCFC chargers can be used by everyone.

For non-BMW EV users, the prices are:

  • 30 kW DC Charger – RM0.60 sen / min
  • 50kW DC Charger – RM1.00 / min
  • 60 kW DC Charger – RM1.40 / min
  • 90 kW DC Charger – RM1.80 / min
  • 120 kW DC Charger – RM2.40 / min
  • 180 kW DC charger – RM3.60 / min

For BMW EV users, the price is:

  • 30 KW DC Charger – RM0.40 cents / min
  • 50kW DC Charger – RM0.80 cents / min
  • 60 kW DC Charger – RM1.00 / min
  • 90 kW DC Charger – RM1.40 / min
  • 120 kW DC Charger – RM2.00 / min
  • 180 kW DC Charger – RM2.80 / min

In terms of cost, using a 30 kW charger like the unit at Seong Hoe Premium Motors, Melaka will cost RM36 per hour – for non-BMW EV owners, at the same time for BMW owners, it will be RM24. This fee will be further increased when using high power-generating chargers such as 120 kW and 180 kW, whereas it will be RM144 and RM216 per hour for non-BMW EV owners, whereas BMW owners will pay RM120 and RM168 for this period respectively. Use. The same.

This hourly rate does not indicate the actual cost to the user, because if followed, it will take longer if you use a less powered charger. For example, for a BMW iX that takes 60 minutes to charge a battery from 20-80% using a 50 kW charger, it will cost RM48 while using a 180 kW charger to get the same battery charge, it only takes 20 minutes and charges RM56.

The rate of 120 kW charger has already been applied in Tian Siang Premium Auto Ipoh, where a non-BMW vehicle user has revealed that RM2.40 per minute rate – set for BMW EV owners. He charged for 45 minutes to charge the battery to 56% and RM108 was charged.

However, the rate set by BMW is actually slightly lower than HPC’s shell recharge charger range, which sets the RM20-per-use rate for every five minutes for the first 25 minutes, RM20 for the next five minutes, and the confirmation fee. RM4. Once calculated, the amount will be RM240 per hour, or RM244 once included with the confirmation fee.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the document states that the proposed rate for BMW customers (less than 20%) is subject to the dealer’s decision and dealers are advised to follow this rate. To ensure continuity.

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