BMW Malaysia NextStep Child Car Seat Program – B40 families can register for

BMW Group Malaysia has announced the NextStep subsidy program for children’s car seats as part of the Children’s Car Safety System, which will partner with long-term partner Safe ‘n Sound to offer parents fully subsidized child car seats in the B40 Group.

The program will apply to families expecting a newborn or weighing up to 36 kg, with a monthly family income of less than RM3,500. The program is funded by a grant from BMW Financial Services Malaysia, the company said.

As part of the BMW 360° initiative, the NEXTStep subsidy program has been launched, which has provided more than 300 subsidized child car seats to parents in and around Malaysia since the end of 2019.

To find out if anyone is eligible, parents can register here on the Safe ‘n Sound website from now until May 22, 2022. Eligible parents will be notified via Safe ‘n Sound via WhatsApp, and those in the Klang Valley will be notified of the date, time and location of new baby car seats, and parents outside of the Klang Valley will be notified of seat delivery status.

Safe ‘n Sound Child Seat Range (above), and Maifold Booster Seat. Click to enlarge

BMW Group Malaysia will fully subsidize the seats on offer and a suitable seat will be selected for the eligible candidates according to their child’s weight, height and vehicle requirements.

The range of child car seats on offer includes snskidz Ace for babies from newborn to 13kg, retail RM199, snskidz Whiz ISOFIX (18kg from newborn, RM 499), snskidz Sport (RM279 from newborn), schkidz Proto (ISO); 13 kg to 36 kg, RM399), and Maifold booster seats (15 kg to 36 kg, RM199).

“Although in recent years we have partnered with many of our programs and partnerships to support the use of these seats, we acknowledge that the issue of low adoption should be addressed in addition to verbal advocacy and partial subsidies, especially at a time like this. Through the NextStep subsidy program, we aim to make child protection seats more accessible to parents who can lend a helping hand, “said Hans de Visar, MD, BMW Group Malaysia.

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