Black Beja pushes bike from behind in Federal Highway motorcycle lane – police

Shah Alam District Police Chief Mohammad Iqbal bin Ibrahim issued a statement where a black Perodua Beja hit a motorcycle and requested information about an incident in the motorcycle lane of the Federal Highway towards Klang.

The crash happened at exactly midnight on April 9, on KM12.5 on Federal Highway, Klang-going from KL. In a video recorded from a car traveling along the side of the motorcycle lane, Black Beja is seen driving in the motorcycle lane and has two bike frames, one in front of the intruder and the other in the back.

The car then tried to overtake the front bike and hit it. After the impact, Beja did not stop and continued his journey. The recording vehicle speeds up “chasing” Beja and in the process, makes an emergency call to the police to report the incident.

Beja actually crossed a Petronas station that allowed it to exit the motorcycle lane, but the driver continued on a narrow path.

According to the police, the rider of the motorcycle with plate number 48 fell on BJ and got injured in the face and hand. She was rushed to Tunku Ampuan Rahima Klang Hospital for treatment. The case is being investigated under Section 42 of the Road Transport Act 1987 for dangerous driving.

The black badger number plate is VAL 7553 Witnesses or members of the public with information have been asked to contact SJN 190068 One Jafirah Binti One Mohammad Sukri (017-5718125) from Shah Alam District Police Headquarters to assist in the investigation.

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