If you are a BMW fan, you are probably going to enjoy this post.

After a two-year hiatus and relocation, people from all over Europe traveled to Raceway Venray in the south of Holland for BimmerFest 2022. The venue itself was quite unique as it was a banked half-mile oval track.


For me, it felt like a reunion of the little Speedhunters, as Ben and Ryan were also present. Needless to say, talking to friends in person is more beautiful than the digital highway, but this feature is not for meeting my people – it’s about cars. So let’s take a look at what BimmerFest Europe 2022 has to offer.


I’m a big fan of the E30, especially the 4-door sedan configuration. This one is very simple, but oh-so effective.

Here’s another four-door E30, probably with a twist. If the plate is to go through, I believe there is an M62 engine from a BMW E39 on the front. Simply put, a 4.4-liter V8 packing 300hp and 450Nm.


When I first saw this E23 I was sure it was a real alpina, but now I’m not so sure. It has all the exact markings, but apparently Alpina never made them from the factory; They only offer a selection of enhancement parts for aftermarket fit. After a deep-dive though, I found that Alpina’s UK approved dealer, Sytner, really did offer a 735i B10. The car is made in the UK and features a hand-made, 261bhp 3.5-liter 6-cylinder Alpina engine and other Alpina parts. So you can be a judge – would you consider it a real deal?


This E30 M3 Alpina Group A replica is made by Wink Motorsport for one of their customers. Detailed attention to replicating small things like fuse boxes was crazy.

Candy red paint and BBS wheels set the theme for this E30 coupe in the UK, but the primitive white interior, rear louvers and duckbill spoiler take it home.


Building the first Live to Offend (LTO) in the Netherlands is a pretty wild thing. What makes it even more special is its imitation carbon pieces.


BimmerFest featured several E30 M3s, but this gorgeous silver example with single-lug BBS wheels manufactured by Retro Wheelz in Belgium was a favorite.

BMW has never sold the E30 M3 Turing, but it has not stopped people from creating their own interpretation. This build, which has just been repaired by a good friend with a bare-metal repellent, is mounted on airlift performance suspension and gold BBS LM wheels. Underneath the hood is a 2.8L M52B28 engine from a BMW Z3


It looks like a 900+ hp, street legal E30 It is an incredible building with no stone left; Everything is built with purpose. This includes the M30B35 engine, which is now fed by a larger Garrett GTX42 turbo.


Another special car that I personally enjoyed seeing was Ryan’s own E30, an ITB-equipped 2.9L M20 that’s good for 245whp, and a paddle-shifted Hollinger engineering sequential gearbox.


I hope you enjoyed this coverage of BimmerFest Europe 2022, but I’m not finished yet – I still got three of my favorite cars to show you in a spotlight feature. In the meantime though, there are many more pictures for you to check out below from the event

Jeroen Willemsen
Instagram: jaccojeroen

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