Best Cell Phone Holder for Cars in 2022 (Review)

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Driving and trying to multitask is not ideal. These cell phone holders let you navigate, make calls and much more without controlling the wheel. Decades ago, the idea of ​​having a small, interactive map on your car’s dashboard seemed far-fetched and futuristic. In today’s world, however, this is a reality for millions of drivers around the world. With modern GPS systems, getting around an unfamiliar area has never been easier with just a cell phone and a little effort.

It can be dangerous to hold your phone while driving or try to look at your lap, though – all you need to do is keep it in place. That’s where cellphone holders come in – these devices hold your phone in a convenient place, giving you a clear view of the screen. So whether it’s maps, phone calls or music, you no longer have to worry about your phone while driving with these great cellphone holders for cars in 2022.

Comparing our favorite cell phone holders for the 2022 car

iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Mount: Easy to use

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Cellphone holders are relatively common nowadays, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows how to use them.

Don’t worry if it sounds like you, because iOttie’s brand new, 2nd generation cell phone holder simplifies the process – you can set everything up in less than a minute with their unique one-touch button feature.

This button is located at the base of the holder. Pressing the button on the phone locks the side arms and adjusts to the dimensions of your phone. No matter what type of phone you have, it will hold your device fairly easily. The bottom of the holder is also adjustable, so you can make sure everything is in order and safe before driving.


  • One-touch setup mechanism
  • Great choice for newbies
  • Fits different phones


  • A little on the heavy side

VICSEED Car Phone Mount: Versatile

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How do car phone holders stay in place? There are many answers, but when it comes to your dashboard or windshield, this is the suction power.

The suction power allows the holder to stick firmly to your dashboard and this particular mount by VICSEED is actually quite powerful.

If you’re not a fan of suction mounting, don’t worry – it also has a clip base if you prefer to mount your phone on your car’s AC vent. The mount itself is pretty simple– just press a button to automatically adjust the holder to your phone’s specifications, so it should fit snugly even when you use the phone case.


  • Multiple mounting methods
  • Extra strong sucking power
  • Residue will not be left after removal


Lancaster Landscape Car Phone Holder: Also consider

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Most phone holders and mounts are designed to hold the phone vertically by default. This is because the GPS app is easy and convenient to navigate.

Would you rather mount a landscape instead? The phone holder of this car moves away from the traditional mount design which is in favor of something quite unique.

Instead of having an arm that you can adjust, this holder is more like a photo frame stand, where your phone has room to wedge. The holder has a silicone base, which makes it difficult to move to the side and comes in a variety of colors for those who want to personalize the interior of their car.


  • Non-slip silicone base
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in different colors


  • Not compatible, must use landscape mode

Vanva Universal Air Vent Mount: Another great option

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Our next mount is one that is specifically designed for mounting on air vents. This mount is great for people who don’t like to have their phone mounted on their dashboard or windshield.

Although some people don’t mind it, mounts take place in these locations and can be more of a nuisance than an advantage to these holders.

This Vanva Air Vent Mount has a button that adjusts its side arms to match the specifications and dimensions of your phone. Its strong clip holds the mount and even if it is strong it will not damage the vents of your car. This mount is compatible with a variety of phones, making it a great choice for people who want easy access to their phone while driving.


  • Made from aviation-grade materials
  • Hard clip to lock the phone in place
  • 360 degree adjustable head


  • Can only be mounted on vents

Coolpow magnetic phone mount: Another option

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For our last mount, we got a pair of special magnetic mounts. As the name implies, a magnet mount uses magnetic force to hold your phone.

If you are worried about having a magnet very close to your phone, you can rest assured – these magnets are not strong enough to harm your phone or anything in it.

If you don’t think a magnet will be attached to the back of your phone, don’t stress, as this mount comes with a metal plate to stick to your phone or phone case. The plate fits perfectly with the dimensions of the mount, so you can be sure that you will get a nice fit. The magnets are strong and will hold your phone reliably, although if you’re looking for a mount to last a while, they may not be a great long-term solution.


  • Comes with two mounts
  • Allows rotation– adjust as needed
  • Compatible with many devices


  • Magnetism can eventually be lost

Buyer’s Guide to Finding a Car Phone Holder

A good phone holder will keep your attention on the road and give you extra comfort while you drive. This quick buyer’s guide will cover everything you need to know about phone mounts and holders.

Why you might consider mounting your phone

It helps on navigation

Perhaps the most common reason people mount their phones is because they want to be able to see where they are going while driving. Many modern drivers rely on GPS, and some may not be able to navigate without one. This reliance on GPS makes phone mounts equally important for both new and experienced drivers.

Many cars do not have a built-in GPS system, and for this reason drivers need some way to see where they are going. Navigation apps can help, but holding a phone in one hand and driving a car in the other are both inefficient and dangerous. You can certainly hold it to someone else, but then you will always need someone in your passenger seat.

This is why phone owners are so important for driving. When positioned correctly, all you have to do is take a look at the map while driving. That way, you can always stay up to date about your current location and follow the app’s instructions on navigation.

You can use your phone while driving (up to one degree)

Now, let us be clear – your phone should not be used while driving, especially if it is on the road. Your responsibility as a driver is to keep everyone safe, others in your car and on the road, because you can fail to do so and cause an accident.

There are some situations where using your phone may be unavoidable, though– maybe your boss is calling, or you need to contact someone in an emergency. You still have to keep your eyes on the road, but having a phone mount can make you less scattered while multitasking.

Risk of phone mounting

For all their convenience, phone mounts can still pose a risk. In fact, some countries have even banned them. Here are a few reasons why phone owners can still be dangerous.

They impair vision

Unless you have your phone mounted on your car’s air vent, this is probably going to take up some space on your dashboard or windshield. It’s not only inconvenient – it’s also dangerous.

Your windshield should, ideally, always be unobstructed so that you can see where you are going and what is in front of you. This is exactly why windshield car stickers are either prohibited or restricted depending on where you live.

Phone holders, especially those mounted on the windshield, can take up a lot of space. They can take up to an inch of your windshield, making it impossible for you to see anything behind it. Sure, it may not be That Big, but it’s still a hurdle.

They confuse the driver

While behind the wheel, a driver must always focus on driving – even the slightest mistake can lead to dangerous, even fatal consequences. That’s why misconceptions are almost always a bad idea, and because smartphones are one of the most common misconceptions these days, some people think of phone holders as a recipe for disaster.

As an example, suppose you have a phone mount on your air vent. Because it does not cover the windshield it does not impede your vision, but each time and then you will probably see the light of your screen from the corner of your eye and your phone can also play a ringtone or vibrate. You can then take a look at its screen, maybe just for a fraction of a second, and that’s exactly how you’ll be confused – beware, danger ahead.

How to drive properly with phone holder

Reduce barriers

When mounting your phone or installing a holder, find a place that doesn’t block your viewing area too much. Ideally it should not be covered at all and this is why some people choose air vent mount. If you prefer to use a windshield or dashboard mount, try to angle the phone holder in such a way that it obstructs the windshield as much as possible.

Just look at your phone if you need to

When driving, you should not look at the screen of your phone unless you are staring at it. If you navigate using your phone’s GPS, just look at the screen if you need to check where you’re going.

In addition, choose the right time to visit your phone. Ideally, it would be at the junction of the stop sign or red light. You won’t move, and this short break will give you enough time to quickly look at your phone if you need to.

Turn off unimportant notifications

Even if you know that you should only look at your phone when you need to, you may be distracted by the constant pinging of notifications. Even if your phone is not mounted, it is always a good idea to turn it off while driving. Your ringtone may ask you to check the notification and this is probably your last job while behind the wheel.

Enable car mode

Some applications are designed to take into account that you are driving while using them. For example, GPS apps are designed to deliver large text and voice prompts so you don’t have to stare at your phone screen for long. Other apps have a mode known as “car mode” that changes the app’s function and UI to suit a driver’s needs.

How much does a cell phone holder cost?

A typical cell phone holder can get you anywhere from 10 to $ 30, and the price depends on the content. Additional features, such as multiple mounts and one-button installation, can also affect the final price.

Cell Phone Holder FAQs

Q: Is cell phone mount invalid?

Depending on where you live, cell phone mounts or holders may be banned or subject to heavy restrictions. Although not all countries follow this, make sure you check local laws before setting up your car.

Q: Where should my cell phone holder be installed?

Depending on your preference, you can install a phone holder on your car’s dashboard, windshield or air vent. Keep this in mind when shopping for one – choose a mount that fits where you want it to fit.

Q: Are cell phone holders reliable?

Cell phone holders are designed to securely mount your phone – as long as you install it properly, the container will not fall off and your phone will not.

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