Bentley launches car relaxation-centric Azure line

A new line from Bentley is coming, and it’s called the “Azure” line. No, this is not a relaunch of the old Azure Droptop. Like “Speed” or “Mulliner”, all Bentley Azure models have a focus, and this time it’s comfort and relaxation. Bentley plans to offer Azure versions of all its vehicles, including Bentayga, Bentayga EWB, Flying Spur, Continental GT and Continental GT Convertible.

The amount of an Azure model is a specific set of tools designed to enhance long journeys or make any type of journey more comfortable. In this case, each Azure is equipped with a “front seat comfort specification” that adds a 22-way adjustable seat that offers hot, cold, six massage programs and an adjustable side baluster. Seats use Bentley’s “comfort headrest”.

To enhance the comfort of the ride, Bentley specifies all Azures with its 48-volt active anti-roll system that can deckpool the roll bars to provide an extra-smooth ride. We’ve found that this system can also increase handling performance on the Bentley.

You would expect it to be standard at Bentleys, but all Azure models tack on optional Turing specifications that add several driver support features. These include adaptive cruise control, lane-following, a traffic-jam assistance feature and “Bentley Safeguard” (automatic emergency braking, emergency lane-changing assistance and more). Basically, the car is stacked with all driver support systems in an effort to make road trips better.

Although Bentley’s well-being does not end with crusade technology features.

“To create the Azure range, we consulted with neuroscientists to understand the interrelationships of color, texture, technique, and even fragrance,” said Maria Mulder, head of color and trim at Bentley. “When we see pleasing looks, shapes and colors, our brain releases chemicals like dopamine that not only make us feel good but also good for our body and our sense of well-being. Sensitive receptors convert physical stimulation into neural activity, causing changes in our brain and nervous system. Every fabric, sound, motion, color and touch constantly affects our nervous system and Azure Cabin has been fined accordingly. “

All Azure models get “wellness quilting” which is especially pleasing to the eye and encourages touch. Three open perforated wood alternatives are offered – dark walnut, crown-cut walnut and koa – and all of these to give residents a feeling of calm. To show that you have an Azure model, Bentley adds seal plates with “Azure” to them. You’ll also find “Azure” embroidered on the seats and Azure badges on the outside.

Bentley has designed unique 22-inch wheels for the Azure model, and all of them will have a chrome front grille. Prices and availability were not detailed in Bentley’s Azure announcement, but it is expected that they will be priced slightly higher than any “base” model Bentley.

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