Bentley has announced that its fifth model will debut on May 10

Bentley has announced that it will launch “A Fifth Model” on Tuesday, May 10 to join Continental GT, Continental GTC, Flying Speed ​​and Bentley. The extra length and breadth in the notification, crew members have “moved to new lengths” in the “long-awaited” car that will bring “an extra dimension of on-board fitness” and much more. We’re not sure what’s coming, but we’re willing to place a big bet that it’s an extended-wheelbase Bentiaga. A prototype of the extended family transport with an extended wheelbase and a gorgeous rear door was captured at various points throughout 2021. And the door card in the teaser video matches the Bentayga, not the other four-door Bentley makes, Flying Spar

We don’t know how much extra knee space the Bentley back-seat will provide for the VIP type; If it were another era, we would be sure Bentley would never measure it beyond “more quantity”. We’ll find out on May 10th. There may be other changes to the store for the variant, with the automaker promising that “there is a lot more power beyond what was previously offered.” If the teaser is correct, there is also a purple nifty shade on the way

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