Bentley Bentayga Introduces Extended Wheelbase – New Luxury SUV 180mm Length

After a bit of teasing, Bentley has released the new Bentayga Extended Wheelbase, which is exactly what the lid says: a long-wheelbase version of its popular SUV. The new offer has been billed as the brand’s new luxury flagship and the product range has been expanded to five models, the others being the Ordinary Bentega, Continental GT, Continental GT Convertible and Flying Spar.

Developed to the tune of a nine-digit investment, the Bentayga EWB will go on sale in the fourth quarter of this year, and the company expects the new version to account for 45% of all Bentayga sales.

In terms of dimensions, the Bentayga EWB is 5,322mm long, making it 180mm longer than the standard-wheelbase Bentayga. The extended length is entirely within the rear door, which sees the wheelbase go from 2,995 mm to 3,175 mm. The result is an “extraordinarily luxurious rear cabin area,” the company said, and it further claims that its new model has “larger cabin space than any other luxury competitor”.

As standard, the Bentayga EWB comes with a 4 + 1 seat configuration with two outer rear seats and a “temporary” middle seat, which can accommodate a third adult or bend to give a hatch access for skis.

The front passenger bogie is similar to the standard-wheelbase version and it stays in a nice place, but it’s the rear part where you’ll want to spend the most time if you want to be properly pampered.

For starters, the two outer rear seats feature 16 adjustments, heating, ventilation as well as five separate massage programs. Driven doors ensure that you do not push yourself when entering or leaving the car.

The HVAC system has also been improved, as rear ventilation is activated only when rear occupants are detected to reduce rear cabin fan noise. The rear cabin also has its own air ionization system to reduce airborne particles so that occupants can breathe cleanly.

When ordered with the Bentley Airline Seat specification, the seats acquire more functions such as the ability to tilt 40 degrees, controls via a handheld touchscreen device, or switches located in the door pocket area.

Other functions that come with the option include Seat Auto Climate, where a passenger simply needs to select their desired temperature setpoint and constantly monitor and adjust the vehicle to maintain comfort.

Meanwhile, the postural adjustment uses new thigh and shoulder pockets and additional lumbar massage pockets, subtly resizing the seat still subtly to facilitate pressure points around the body, to prevent the formation of dead spots and fatigue. Six independent pressure points can provide 177 adjustments per three hours so that seat comfort is never compromised regardless of the length of the ride.

If that’s not enough, the Bentley Airline Seat specification adds more cushion and backrest ballast adjustments, cushion extensions, electric headrest height adjustment, and a placeable footrest behind the front passenger seat to make maximum VIP treatment possible. Attention is also paid to the rear doors and center armrests, both heated.

Bentley also offers four- and five-seater configurations, but it has stopped going up to seven seats – available for the standard Benteger – because customer feedback has shown that the space and luxury Bentega EWB owners want is not a full-on person. Carrier

With the four-seat comfort specification, the middle seat that comes with the standard configuration has been omitted in favor of a rear center console between the two rear seats. It provides extra storage and two more USB charging sockets, and when the Mullina console bottle cooler is specified, a fully integrated drink cooler (for 750ml bottles) and two handmade Cambria crystal flutes are added.

Like the Bentley, the interior of the Bentega EWB is trimmed with luxurious materials that are applied in a careful fashion to ensure that the final finish is worth the asking price. These include diamond quilting in upholstery, extensive ambient lighting (including doors), abundant soundproofing, adequate trim options (up to 24 billion) and metal overlays with veneer features.

The last item is an optional feature that was previously used in the Continental GT Mullina derivatives and is now being applied for the first time in the production of the Bentayaga series. As seen on the dashboard and on the four doors, it has only 0.07 mm thick separate brushed metal badges that are applied to the fine veneer through the photo-etching process. At launch, Bentley offers two enhanced specifications – Azure and the first version as base points before further personalization.

For the exterior, it looks a lot like a facelifted Bentiager, though the back door is much longer and the vertical van grille inspired by the Flying Spar. Less immediately apparent is the repositioned panoramic sunroof, which is moved backwards by 125 mm.

Mechanically, the Bentayga EWB brand proof 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 is powered by 550 PS and 770 Nm of torque. The mill is equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, which allows zero to 100 km / h sprint time 4.5 seconds and maximum speed 290 km / h.

The carmaker’s Dynamic Ride incorporates 48-volt active anti-roll control and electronic all-wheel steering systems as standard, the latter providing a turning circle that is actually 7% smaller than the standard wheelbase Bentiger.

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