Barmaz Auto EV trains officers of skill level, will join PHEV-CX-60 MX-30,

Burmaj Auto previously announced the graduation of 185 students under the Burmaj Pilot Program, which will place all of them in service centers of three brands operated by the company; Mazda (Bermaz), Peugeot (Bermaz Auto Alliance) and Kia (Dinamikjaya Motors).

A total of 185 students were from three different programs, including 68 from the Mazda Pilot Program, 60 from the Mazda Mechanics Program and 57 more from the Body and Paint Program.

In addition, Burmaj Auto has upgraded the technical equipment and facilities at Glenmari’s training school to ensure that its after-sales workforce is ready to operate next generation vehicles such as battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and vehicles. Plug-in hybrid (PHEV).

The purpose of this upgrade is to provide vocational and technical education as well as training programs to meet the demand of these three brands. Another program, the Mechatronics program, has been added, which focuses on educating students about electronics and EV technology.

This step is necessary to prepare the company to provide a skilled staff to handle BEV and PHEV before the relevant models are officially launched. For example, the MX-30, which was unveiled a few days ago, is expected to go on sale this year, as the company plans to launch the Peugeot e-2008.

Kia, Carnival, Sorrento, Sportage and Nero are expected to hit the local market in the next two years, each with an electrification generation system, be it hybrid, fully electric or Plug-in hybrid Which will be with a conventional generation system.

And, although Barmaz has not yet mentioned, the CX-60, the brand’s first model with a PHEV-powered system, could be launched here. “The goal of this program is to improve staff efficiency to meet the needs of next generation vehicles with a focus on green and clean technology, autonomous safety features and better connectivity. Our program will be designed to encourage continuous learning, ”said Datuk Seri Ben Yeh, Chairman of Burmaj Auto Executive.

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