Balik Kampung with an EV in Malaysia “no problem”

For many Malaysians, the idea of ​​driving long distances with a fully electric car is still a scary one. Range concerns are often primary concerns, but can be easily alleviated with adequate planning. Recently, many EV owners have created Going back to his hometown Journey without hiccups.

Farhan A. This happened to an engineer named Rahim, who took his EVT back to his hometown of Quantan from his residence in Bangi, They The 45-year-old has reportedly been driving his EV for almost two years and says the journey back to Quantum was smooth.

“Many have asked if it is okay to travel long distances using an EV. For me, there was no problem, ”he said Has been namedAdded that traveling in an EV is much more comfortable for him, regardless of the short route or the long journey.

“This is not the first time I have returned to my hometown of Kampung Parmatang Bada with an EV. At first, I was not confident because of the limited charging infrastructure, the fear of getting stuck in traffic jams and the lack of service stations. However, before I reached Kuantan, I was able to reach Kuantan last Saturday without any hassle by using the alternative route from Bangi to Kuala Pila – a journey of about 300 kilometers, ”he said.

Farhan reiterated that the owner has to take a careful plan to take a road trip in an EV, as the range of an EV depends on many factors, especially its battery capacity and driving style. “Using an EV is more affordable because charging costs are cheaper than the cost of fuel,” he added. In Quantum, he charges his car TJM cars for free

This feeling was shared by 29-year-old Amirul Anas Rozli. He drove for more than three hours back to his hometown Bagan Datuk, Perak, and had no problems on the way. Amirul said although owners can charge their EVs at home using the standard three-pin plug, it is very time consuming, and hopes that more charging stations will be set up in the future to facilitate EV charging.

We tried first hand the experience of driving a fully electric car across hundreds of kilometers. You can read our details here, or better yet, what it feels like to own a fully electric car – a Tesla Model S, in our case – for three years. You can also click here to see all the DC fast chargers available for use in the country. So did you Going back to his hometown In your EV? How was your experience?

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