Australia examines light-dark road signs; Part of the security package

You may have seen social media posts using this light-dark element showing roads marked with signs and lines? The roads were originally selected by road transport safety authority VicRoads, an Australian-based local company, Tarma Linemarking, along with surface safety company OmniGrip to test photo-bright road signs on selected roads around Victoria.

The use of these dark-light road signs is part of a road safety program run by Regional Roads Victoria, and is one of three innovative package initiatives in the state, with AUD $ 4 million (RM12.5 million) invested. For applications to 70 locations across Victoria, the state AUD $ 245 million (RM763 million) as part of the allocation of the state public safety program.

According to Tarmac linemarking on delivery Facebook Most recently, they said that “all inhabitants of Gippsland from Philip Island to the border” will be able to experience the use of roads with light-dark road signs.

The second of three innovative package initiatives for safety programs in the state is a road sign where a reflector capable of reflecting light at a higher rate, the use of thick glass beads and the addition of thermoplastics to road sign vehicles.

The third item in the package, however, is the use of sensitive LEDs at pedestrian crossings, an LED floor that will provide the same color light (red and green) as traffic lights to give pedestrians a clear signal, especially for those with low or annoying visibility.

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