Audi’s semiconductor shortage package fills the gap of the chip

Have lemons, make lemonade, right? Only if you have a lot of sugar. Seeing that our current lemon-heavy world situation lacks the amount of sweetener needed to make a delicious drink, Audi did the next best job and created lemon flavored water, naming it the “Semiconductor Shortage Package”. Drive Pick up on forum posts in places like Audi World And Reddit About this weird item from some Monrons at the Audi dealership. Someone at Audi came up with the idea that instead of including a single line of text about the unavailability of a particular vehicle due to chip limitations, the luxury automaker should bundle the missing features in the package mentioned and then deduct the cost from MSRP.

Examples of 5 350 discount on Q5 price for lack of Audi side assist and rear traffic alert, RP 1,200 discount on MSRP for missing the previous feature as well as adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assistance, Audi active lane assistance and Audi phone box, and the same four exceptions. দেওয়ার 1,350 discount on an Audi A4 Allroad to pay

See, it’s a fancy method, and we’ve got it. It saves everyone time and hassle trying to figure out which car options will be missing; Some other automakers have made it difficult to figure it out. Plus, no one needs to buy an Audi with a semiconductor shortage package – they’re part of the dealer inventory sitting on the showroom floor. Allroad, for example, ordered an Allroad poster in January and stated that delivery could take up to six months due to a lack of chips. The buyer saw an allroad similar to our order on a dealer web site and was asking someone if those features could be added later. So Audi is not persuading anyone in these cars, the company is trying to keep the cars flowing to the dealers and probably trying to keep the message of any brand error. It’s like the looking-glass hauler we’ve seen before in many other ways and lots of times. Comment as a Reddit poster, “Oh God, the idea of ​​calling Absence A ‘package’ of a feature is ridiculous. I can’t believe Porsche isn’t doing it already. “

For previous installations, the answer is yes No.. A vehicle built without these features lives its life without these features. Happy shopping.

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