Audi and Porsche will join Formula 1, the VW group says

After much speculation, the Volkswagen Group has officially confirmed that both Audi and Porsche will join Formula 1, Reuters Speaking at a recent event in Wolfsburg, Herbert Dice, CEO of VW Group, said that after the decision was made by the executives of both brands, the promise of Formula 1 would bring more money than the cost.

“Your argument is over [against it]Dice said. He added that Porsche’s preparations for engaging in motorsport were “a little more concrete” than Audi’s. 2026 (delayed from 2025) will meet the new engine regulations of Formula 1.

The new engine regulations will combine the use of synthetic fuels (Porsche also focuses on this technology) that are designed to be completely durable and, together, they are part of Formula 1’s efforts to improve sustainability and reduce its carbon emissions into the net. By 2030.

Audi RS 3 LMS (2021)

Meanwhile, Audi is reportedly coming to Formula 1 as a team and will buy an existing entrant to do so. The brand is reportedly ready to offer around 500 million euros (RM2.3 billion) to buy McLaren, although BBC Talks with Saber (now known as Alfa Romeo Racing), Aston Martin and Williams are reported.

Diess noted that the entry of Audi and Porsche into Formula 1 will take place from 2026 onwards, as this would allow the creation of a more level playing field as the teams adhere to the new rules. Although formula 1 does not yet detail engine requirements, the original architecture will be a 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 hybrid, albeit without the complex (and expensive) MGU-H (motor generator unit, heat) system.

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