Another electric Ford pickup truck is coming, Farley says

Ford officially began production of the 2022 F-150 Lightning today, and Jim Farley snatched a small sneer at the news of future electric trucks in his speech.

“I hope we could get you down there, but we’re already pushing dirt for another electric pickup truck in Blue Oval City that’s different than this one,” Farley said.

“Down there” Stanton, Ten’s mega campus is preparing Ford for electric car assembly, battery manufacturing and supplier parks. It is set to open in 2025 You can hear Farley’s comment directly from the 35:49 mark in the video below

Farley followed his comments about a new, mysterious and yet impending electric pickup with more electric truck talk.

“We have every intention of being the number one electric pickup manufacturer.”

After hearing Farley’s comments, we reached out to Ford to clarify or perhaps learn more about the unspecified “different” electric pickup truck Farley was talking about, but a Ford spokesman was not immediately available.

Existing pickups that can be electrically sold in the United States include Ranger and Maverick nameplates. Ford Ranger’s German cousin, VW Amarok, is rumored to be offering an electric variant of the truck’s current lifecycle, but nothing is certain about it.

As stated above, we are only left to speculate until Ford clarifies its intentions regarding this future electric pickup. For now, be aware that there will eventually be a second Blue Oval with a bed that you can plug in. We look forward to hearing from you when Ford is ready to deliver

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