All new motorcycles must have 150 cc and above ABS brakes installed

Transport Minister Datuk Wei Ka Seong issued a statement at a function in Melaka today that all new motorcycles of 150 cc and above will have to be fitted with an anti-lock brake system (ABS) by 2025.

This was reported by Harian Metro, which quoted Wick as saying that one of the main causes of motorcycle accidents in Malaysia was slipping or failure to dodge while riding, which was caused by an ineffective braking system.

“ABS technology is an anti-slip technology that helps prevent motorcycles from slipping, skidding and failing to dodge while riding. A study by the Malaysian Road Safety Research Institute (MIRS) found that ABS was able to protect 30 percent of motorcyclists from death, “said Wei.

Wei added that a detailed study for this implementation would be carried out jointly by the Ministry of Transportation with Miros, which would include all relevant stakeholders, the motorcycle manufacturing industry as well as consumer representatives.

“This study is expected to be completed within six months and mandatory installation of ABS is expected to be implemented within two years after completion of the study. The same period will be used to amend existing rules and the government hopes that with mandatory installation of ABS Safety can be improved and the chances of death due to road accidents among motorcycle users in the country can be reduced, “Wei said.

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