Advanced Touch ‘n Go cards are sold out, with the next batch coming in June; scalpers sale

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

That demand has apparently increased, as the price of the enhanced Touch ‘n Go card now seems to have risen further. Through a quick search, we’ve seen since then that new cards can sell for up to RM100, as exemplified in Shopee.

Of course, there are other levels of pricing for buying from online resellers, although waiting for stock through official channels is not an option, so one should be sure of the accuracy of the listing before making a purchase.

To purchase the Enhanced Touch ‘n Go card via the Touch’ n Go eWallet app, the company responded by commenting on its Facebook page that the next batch of NFC-enabled enhanced cards will be available around June. This is reflected in the eWallet app, as the card is not in stock at the time of writing.

The RM10 retail price of the Enhanced Touch ‘n Go card is the same as the previous version without NFC functionality, and the new version basically adds the ability for users to top up credit through near-field communication with their compatible mobile devices.

To do this, each new card needs to be linked to the app by holding the card on the back of the compatible smartphone for five seconds and then the balance can be checked or reloaded by holding the card again on the phone.

We’ve got our own unit of the new Enhanced Touch ‘n Go card. Read more here because we are running new functions of the card and comparing it with the previous version.

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