Achieving VIP status, required by all means

‘Is that your BMW over there?’ Ask the fuel station cashier. ‘You’re here for a tuning show, aren’t you?’

Adnan, the owner of the so-called BMW, simply smiled. He confirmed that he was there for the ceremony and politely informed the cashier that it was a Lexus, not a BMW. ‘What’s this?’ The cashier was confused.

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According to Adnan, this is nothing new. Most cars in Germany are domestic, especially luxury cars. “Only 30 LS 400s are registered here, aAnd I had four, “ She tells me

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Adnan traded his BMW 335i for the first time in the LS after a long period of concern over the maintenance of such a rare vehicle. A dream was achieved, yet within an hour of ownership he was side-swiped by another driver. LS was total. LS 400 number two came; LS number three you see here; And LS number four was sold to friends. Yes, Adnan owns more than 10% of all Lexus LS 400s currently in Germany.

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“Most people ask me what kind of Mercedes it is, to be honest. They think it’s an S-Class. “ Adnan said. And being de-badged doesn’t mean it’s confusing.

Imagine my surprise to find the most ‘appropriate’ example of a VIP-style construction I’ve ever encountered in a car park in the Austrian mountains.

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Adnan’s LS 400 is almost as authentic, making it a complete junction production body kit for starters. When I say ‘full’, I mean that it includes three-piece rear spoiler, headlight browse and even bonnet spoiler along its trailing edge. “In Japan, the Bippu boys say you have to run the whole kit, no kit. Not in, ” Adnan said. He even went so far as to get Braga projector headlights and Braga LEDs and EM clear tail lights, even though he had the primitive OEM item fitted in Wharthasse.

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Before falling into the VIP rabbit hole, Adnan’s gaze on LS was simple: “I was going to stay in the original body and leave it on the wheels of the car. Then I saw an Imgen Body Kit for sale and I thought for it. The car you see now was the beginning of a slippery slope.

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Although the kit may vary, the choice of wheels has been consistent. Legendary in VIP circles, the SSR Vienna Chris measures 18 × 10-inches front and rear, but with a static offset of the ET-2 and -9, respectively. Adnan made the Vienna with his standard wheel glasses, but they would not fit without some changes under the skin. The combination of serialine and T-demand control arms, wishbone and short front spindle allowed SSR to be held under the arch in compression. I say ‘on compression’ and not ‘aired out’ because Adnan originally drove the car static on the coilover.

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He was very tough until the day he picked up the LS from Bodieshop with a fresh-fitted body kit painted in BMW Individual Ruby Black and Audi Daytona Gray Two-Tone. There was a front bumper toast when he got home.

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Adnan has since converted an Airlift Performance 3H suspension system, in this case set to drive as little as possible but to air up on rough roads. I am not surprised that efforts were made to acquire the Junction Production Body Kit.

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Germany is one of the toughest road qualification tests in the world: TÜV Each part, ride height, camber angle degree must be certified. If not, your plate will be taken away until you return the car to stock. That means don’t drive at all. Companies pay millions if not millions of euros to test the equipment and to get TÜV approved for sale and use in Germany and Austria. Junction Products is not one of those companies. Adnan was determined to run this kit, whatever the cost, and a found “Workout”.

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The über-rare emission system is TÜV certified as a ‘BBK VIP’ emission – Adnan’s own brand which he has set up for the sole purpose of registering certain parts. These exhaust tips are certainly fantastic, aren’t they?

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The same applies to wheels. SSR Vienna was never designed for the German market, but they are similar designs to the MAE Crown Jewels of OZ Racing. If you open the center caps, they look almost identical, especially with the ‘OZ’ engraved on the wheel bolts …

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I will not share the final cost of construction, this is not my place, but it is enough. When people find out it’s a lot, they ask why Adnan didn’t just buy an AMG, an M5, or a Supra. His answer is the same every time: “Because I wanted an LS.”

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Adnan has really done his best to make his dream car. Her eyes really lit up when I went to her the evening before and asked if it was a junction production kit and we talked about the VIP scene. This is a special choice of car in Germany, which is not understood by the car community

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It was a car that only one person had built for himself; Adnan does not want recognition for this. This is his daily driver and he has not trailed it anywhere. She uses it only to travel, hang out with her friends, visit family and enjoy driving.

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While I was shooting the car, Adnan approached me and apologized for not having the fog lights on. “They are in my storage. If I thought something like this was going to happen, I’d put them on; I’m here on vacation. ” He wasn’t even in Watersy to take part in a show or hit a hot spot. He had just heard that it was a great place to visit and to see some beautiful cars, so he went down to his dream machine with his friends. It’s all car culture for the right reasons. Don’t stress too much, enjoy it with the right people.

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I have a lot of respect for the story behind Adnan and LS. This is why it was my favorite car from my Warthersy trip, none of which.

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