ABS is mandatory on motorcycles of 150cc or more in Malaysia following MIROS

The Malaysian government will make it mandatory for motorcycles with a capacity of 150 cc or more to be fitted with an anti-lock braking system (ABS). Astro Awani Report

According to Transport Minister Datuk Seri Wei Ka Seong, the mandatory fit of ABS will be applicable to all motorcycle manufacturers present in Malaysia, but will be implemented soon after the results of a detailed study conducted by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS). Received.

The transport minister said the government had given MIROS six months to conduct the study before planning to implement the mandatory verdict within two years of the completion of the study. The survey will include all stakeholders involved, including representatives of the motorcycle manufacturing industry as well as the consumer group, he added.

According to research conducted by MIROS on the ABS system, the technology has been found to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities involving motorcyclists by at least 30%, Wei said. Anti-lock braking systems help prevent a motorcycle from skidding and failing to avoid danger on the road, he added.

The transport minister said 2019 – before the epidemic – recorded 6,000 road deaths, up from 4,658 in 2020. Of these, 64% to 67%, or two-thirds of the deaths, involved motorcyclists, Wei said in the report.

MIROS research shows that using ABS can save up to 30% of motorcyclists from fatal accidents, Wee says Daily Metro. In our answer, Thailand has made ABS mandatory for all motorcycles manufactured after 2024 as standard equipment.

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