A man who threw himself into a car has been charged in court – a Myanmar national has entered

Remember another incident where a man accidentally threw himself into a car and pretended to be injured? The tactic, however, did not work because all the incidents were recorded by the dashcam in the car.

He was later arrested and charged with endangering the lives and safety of others. According to the FMT, on April 7, Jalan Goh Haque Huat, a 25-year-old Myanmar national, was charged in Klang Magistrate’s Court under Section 336 of the Penal Code for committing a crime in Klang.

Based on the allegations found on the portal, the offense can result in imprisonment for up to three months or a fine of RM500, or both if convicted.

Soye was also charged under Section 6 (1) (c) of the Immigration Act 1959 for not having a valid travel document to enter Malaysia. However, the accused could not confess because he did not understand the charges against him in Malay. Magistrate Amirul Asraf Abdul Rashid has fixed June 3 for the next hearing of the case so that the court can get the services of an interpreter to read the allegations.

This kind of thing can happen to anyone, unfortunately. The only way to prepare is to install a dashcam in the car if you haven’t already. So, for example, he left the scene after being told by the driver that all his activities had been recorded on video.

So, if your car does not yet have a dashcam installed, it is advisable to do so immediately. There are many more incidents on the street that can be traced to criminals through recording evidence, and this will protect road users from being deceived or abused.

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