A codemaster studio has exploited the ‘need for speed’ development criteria

Racing game news this week:

The next “Need for Speed” is being created by a super-team

It was reported this week that Criterion, the most well-known racing game developer in the world, has exploited Codemaster Cheshire to create “Need for Speed” and “Burnout” games, and they are working together on the next “Need for Speed”. The teams have been working together for months on the upcoming “NFS”, but they have recently made the partnership more official by merging the two studios under the banner of standards. No one knows what it will mean for the next “Need for Speed”, but it’s great to see so many talents from multiple successful studios working together to create the next installment of this favorite series.

“The Crew 2” launches Season 5 Episode 2: American Legends

“The Crew 2” is still dropping new content as it goes out of style, and the game recently released its American Legend content. It gives players “16 new stories to follow, 8 new treasures to discover, new live summits, new vehicles and a new motorpass”. Some of the new cars include BMW I8 Roadstar Stellar Edition, Chevrolet Camaro SS Bend Edition, Proto Lucky-One, KTM X-Bo GT4 Edition and McLaren Sena. If you still SailorsSing around to this fantastic open-world racer (see what I did there?), Let us know what you think about the latest season of content in the comments below.

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