A 930 Turbo Flashbow 7 with the touch of a Porsche test driver

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. You are in Germany, working in a Porsche factory in Stuttgart, a job that splits your time. Special request program (Translation: ‘Special Wish Program’), where you are an engineer, and test track, where your driving skills are used to evaluate the latest automation technology of the company.

You come across some amazing machines every day, but it is an extra special when it comes to the white, right-hand drive 930 Turbo M505.Lower building Options ticked. The ‘Flatnose’ conversion gives the car the look of a 934/935 race car for the road, but the owner of this 930 has also checked out Option 220, a limited-slip differential, without which most Turbos are leaving the factory.

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Whatever the reason, the car leaves a lasting impression on you, and even though it may fade in the following weeks and months, this special will build will probably not escape your mind completely. That’s why, next year, after you take on the role of a director with Porsche in South Africa, you know what you’re looking for in a white 930 turbo. Lower building Rolls in the workshop. A VIN check confirms that it is a car.

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I’m not entirely sure that Robert Reister – the Porsche engineer, test driver and manager questioned here – believes in fate, but I guess he could. Because then and there, he decided he would one day own a 930. More than a decade later, he actually did it.

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The car is no longer in his possession – Robert indirectly sold it to its current owner in 2010 – but the fruits of his labor are intact. These fruits come in a variety of shapes, but improved performance has always been Robert’s underlying goal with the 930. With its background, maintaining its value was never an option.

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To change the turbo to its own specification, Robert has made some external changes. The Giant 993 RS wing is an obvious next-model addition, and the 964 RS front bumper and rear end treatment are hard to miss.

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For the wheels, the inspiration came from the Porsche race cars of the time, and those three-piece, gold-centric BBS 18s are seen at home.

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The 930’s 3.3L turbocharged Flat-Six would have left the Porsche factory with 325hp of power, but today it is producing around 400hp for some internal and external upgrades. 964 turbo camshaft, 935 header operating a 964 K27 turbocharger, a huge intercooler, operated turbo oil scavenger pump and MoTeC engine.

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In the previous specification that famously hit the car at 193mph (310km / h), Robert tuned the engine up to 650hp with race-spec camshaft, fake piston and high compression ratio, among other changes.

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A Patrick Motorsport race clutch with all power on the ground and a lightweight flywheel running in a RUF 5-speed gearbox and the OEM option LSD mentioned above.

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Limited slip differential is extremely helpful, such as the Super-Sticky 295 / 35ZR18 Bridgestone Potenza RE050 Semi-Slix rear (RE002 265 / 35R18s front). In the suspension department, the Bilstein damper and three-way adjustable stabilizer bars greatly improved the infamous roadholding of the 930, while the 993 turbo brakes did the same thing for the ability to slow down and stop.

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Inside, the 930 remains as Robert’s spaced – RS style. A half-cage matching white exterior, light carbon fiber door card with pool straps, 964 RS carbon fiber-shell recro seats re-trimmed and fitted with OMP racing harness belts, and an OMP Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel. The gear knob, which stays with the car forever, otherwise provides a little wood warmth in the black cabin.

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Although this 930 seems to have been made for competition use, the truth is that it never saw the race in Robert’s care. However, it was a Porsche Club South Africa regular and fellow owners did not need to ask Robert twice for a passenger ride. A friend who drove a lot of 930 Turbo in his time said that this car really scared him.

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When the current guardian of the 930 – the owner of an expert Porsche workshop – was offered the car, he was not really interested. Turbos and Lower building His thing was not. But everything changed after his first drive. Combining extra power with more linear boost delivery, lighter weight than the Factory 930 Turbo, and improved Robert’s handling that also makes driving a pleasure for everyday commuters. The only aspect that can change over time is the seat. They sit a little higher for the current owner, so will probably be switched to the original 930 turbo unit at some point.

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While it sits, it is an amazing addition to its collection. The 930 Turbos is cool, but a 930 Turbo Lower building Something else, including augmentation by a Porsche factory engineer and test driver.

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Photo by Stefan Coates
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