2023 Toyota Tacoma and Tundra get new trim packages

Toyota is implementing some light updates on its medium-sized and full-size pickup trucks. In particular, they are each getting some new trim packages. The 2023 Toyota Tacoma will get an SX package and a Chrome package, and the Tundra will only get the previous one.

These are all just look packages. The Tacoma SX package is exclusive to the V6 SR5 model for all drives and cabs. It has black wheels, trim, badges, mirrors and lag nuts. It also gets bedside graphics that announce the package to the world.

As for the Tacoma Chrome package, it’s kind of the opposite. Instead of trimming black, it gets, you guessed it, chrome. The shiny thing is the door handle, exhaust tip and the letter “TACOMA” on the tailgate. The wheels are also polished and the interior gets a leather shift knob The Chrome package is only available on the V6 SR5 with a double cab and 5-foot bed.

A final Tacoma-specific note: the SR5 V6 now has the Proximity key locked and started.

Going into the tundra, it also gets an SX trim, but it’s a little different from the Tacoma version. It gets black trim, which replaces many body-color trims. But the wheels are dark gray. This actually removes the badging directly on the door. The interior also swapped dark gray trim for black. It is only available in SR5 models with double cab or Crumax cab and with 5.5- and 6.5-foot beds respectively.

The rest of the tundra lineup is untouched except for the inclusion of a rear seat reminder.

Prices for these trucks have not been announced, but hopefully they will be released before the sale this year.

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