2023 Toyota GR gets Supra Manual (!), But only for inline-six

As promised, the manual-transmission 2023 Toyota GR Supra is here. Or, it will be later this year when it goes on sale And Toyota has revealed many relevant details of the man-made sports coupe.

Importantly, it is only available in the six-cylinder model, so four-cylinder buyers need to stick to the eight-speed automatic. Toyota says, “Engineers have created a manual transmission specifically for the GR Supra.” More specifically, they seem to be modified and existing manual transmissions for supra duty. This is light because Toyota has removed the “acoustic package” of existing transmissions, which we accept as sound-emitting material. The company has upgraded the clutch to one with more friction material surface area and a stronger diaphragm spring.

The transmission is six-speed, and Toyota did not give a ratio for the transmission, but it did for the rear difference. The final drive ratio is 3.46, which is smaller than 3.15 for eight speeds. This is understandable because the transmission has two low gears, so the small ratio will help maintain strong acceleration in the six gears.

Finally, in addition to being available on the Base 3.0 and 3.0 Premium Supras, Toyota is only launching the A91-MT special edition for one year. It only comes with manual and two color choices: gray after matte white or CU pictured here. It has unique fake wheels, red brake caliper, red supra badge, red strut bracket and No. The red interior is covered in exclusive cognac tan leather, and boasts an Alcantara GR shift knob and 12-speaker sound system.

Regardless of the transmission, all six-cylinder supras get back suspension and steering, the former of which is supposed to make the car more comfortable. Traction and stability control systems have also been reintroduced, and a new hairpin + drive mode has been introduced to better corner the narrow mountain roads. The four-cylinder Supra 2.0 is completely unchanged without the addition of a new stratosphere blue color, which is also available in six-cylinder vehicles.

The manual-transmission supra will be available later this year. Prices have not been announced, but will be released this summer.

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