2023 Polyester 2 starts at $ 49,800, an increase of $ 2,400 over 2022

Polyester 2023 has filled all but one of the gaps regarding Polyester 2. As expected, car prices have risen. The single-motor polyester 2 long range now starts at $ 48,400, which is $ 2,400 premium compared to the 2022 model. Adding $ 1,400 destination charge takes a total of $ 49,800 before the option The dual-motor Polyester 2 starts at $ 53,300 after a long-range destination, a $ 2,000 boost over this year’s model. Polyester expects more range for that money, at least for those who take AWD cars home. The automaker believes the EPA range will go from 249 miles to 260 on a charge.

The color change that has been noticed in Europe is coming in US Polestar 2. The space, a metallic black, replaces the Void and will cost 1,200. Magnesium, priced at $ 1,200 in 2021, will be the single new free color. Jupiter replaces the moon in a gold-gray, āĻĢ 1,200 premium color palette with red flakes. Advanced heat pumps that operate in a larger temperature range come with the Plus Pack, which is available in a single-motor hatchback, increasing the price of the package from $ 4,000 to $ 4,200. The modifications to the pump come courtesy of a software upgrade, which Polyester says will be pushed free for all models with the pump. Pilot pack buyers can opt for single-motor trim from $ 200 to $ 3,400.

Performance packs that only go from $ 500 to $ 5,500 for the dual-motor AWD Polyester 2, and it comes with some new code. A software change increases the output by 68 horsepower and 15 pound-feet of torque, taking the e-motor to 476 horsepower and 502 pound-feet. Polyester says it will make the performance boosting software available to all Polestar 2 owners, regardless of their vehicle’s performance package. Priced for it has not been announced, it will be closer to the start of the first 2023 delivery in December.

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