2023 Honda Odyssey added sport trim, lost entry LX trim

For the 2023 model year, the Honda Odyssey minivan trim level remains unchanged except for the inclusion of tweaks and free scheduled maintenance. Trim changes include the addition of a new Sport model and the subtraction of the van’s entry-level LX.

The sport trim is the most interesting aspect of the 2023 Odyssey. It’s basically a look package. It has all the features of the EX-L trim, but it has got gloss black-painted trim, grille, 19-inch wheels and dark taillights on the outside. The interior has black leather with red stitching as well as a black headliner. The red surround light illuminates the interior even at night. It starts at $ 42,505.

2023 Honda Odyssey Sport

In terms of price, most trimming is only a few hundred dollars more than the previous model year, which is usually. However, the Honda LX has lowered the trim level, which has led to a huge jump in the base price of the van. The 2022 LX started at 34,335. But the EX is the starting point for 2023 and starts at $ 38,635. Prices for all 2023 trims are listed below

  • EX: $ 38,635
  • EX-L: $ 41,705
  • Sports: $ 42,505
  • Travel: 45,745
  • Elite: 50,765

Finally, the Odyssey is one of the few Honda models to get the new Honda service pass. It is a program that provides free scheduled maintenance and services (such as oil change, tire rotation, etc.). The program lasts up to 2 years / 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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