2023 Honda CR-V – The first images of the sixth generation appear

It is rumored that the sixth-generation Honda CR-V is expected to break the cover sometime from the end of this year to the beginning of 2023, but before that it is likely to make its debut in the world, if some pictures of the SUV are published on the net. Allegedly, what is called a car in the form of its production – is correct.

The car lines reflect HR-V-based styling elements that cement a patented filing image that was released about three months ago, which is expected. Design hints include a more straight front edge, thinner headlights that extend beyond the bonnet shuttle, a larger hexagonal grille, and an L-shaped front bumper angle.

The photo of the actual car also shows the slightly less upward window line proposed by the patent filing image. On the rear, the L-shaped tail lights continue to illustrate as seen in the current fifth-gen, but the front edges have a less pronounced protrusion that appears dead in the center, and the unit’s tailgate portion is thinner, giving the whole assembly an offer. tauter – and Volvo-esque – look.

Elsewhere, twin exhaust finishers continue the trapezoidal styling approach adopted with the fifth-gen facelift (which replaced the pre-FL’s rounded shaped tips), although the lines have been reconfigured and the apertures are now slightly larger.

In addition to highlighting that the unit is designed for the Chinese market, Telgate identifies the badging unit as a turbo variant, confirming the suggestion that the model will probably retain the existing 1.5-liter VTEC turbo engine, although it has more output. Current model, which is 193 PS and 243 Nm.

The cards also have two hybrid powertrains, the first is an E: HIV hybrid model in the same vein as the Civic, offering 184 PS and 315 Nm via the direct-injected version of the Accord Hybrid’s 2.0-liter Atkinson-Bicycle Mill, and the other is probably a plug-in hybrid variant. Similar to the e: PHEV version of the current CR-V sold in China since 2020.

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