2023 Honda CR-V – Sixth Generation Official Teaser Image Released, New Feature

Honda has released teaser images for the upcoming sixth generation Honda CR-V. Below the CR-V logo is a dark blue pattern with hybrid badges.

Of course, the 2023 Honda CR-V has already been completely leaked, but these teaser images give some new details, such as how the light bars on the tail lamps are illuminated.

These teaser pics have been released by American Honda Motor Co, so they are models for the US market. American Honda says the new CR-V will feature a more advanced and capable hybrid system for a sportier driving experience.

The current generation US market CR-V hybrid uses an i-MMD hybrid system that is built around a 2.0 liter typically aspirated engine, where the engine is used as a generator to power an electric motor.

A more advanced and capable hybrid system could mean a plug-in hybrid version with a larger battery to increase zero emissions driving capacity. Note that the outgoing fifth generation CR-V has a plug-in variant with all electrical ranges of 65 km WLTP for a 17 kWh battery, but this is only for China.

The plug-in offer for Honda would only make sense to expand beyond the Chinese market and would help the sixth generation CR-V in the US market better compete with the plug-in capable Toyota RAV4 Prime Hybrid.

Design hints include a more straight front edge, thinner headlights that extend beyond the bonnet shuttle, a larger hexagonal grille, and an L-shaped front bumper angle.

On the rear, the L-shaped tail lights continue to depict the current fifth-knowing as seen, but the front edges have a less pronounced protrusion that appears dead in the center, and the unit’s tailgate portion is thinner, giving the whole assembly an offer. tauter – and Volvo-esque – look.

What do you think the 2023 Honda CR-V is going to look like?

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