2023 Honda CR-V is previewed with a release window

For better or for worse, we are in the age of automated teasers. A little better camp, we have this teaser of the next generation 2023 Honda CR-V, which actually looks a bit like a little SUV.

Honda says it’s an “all-new” generation of the CR-V, although the styling is clearly evolutionary. The basic shape of the headlights and grille, as well as the long rear taillights are very similar to the outgoing model. But the details are different. Much less chrome is present, and a chunky mesh grille replaces the more filled version. The taillights have more detailed LED components. And the bumpers have an aluminum-finish accent on the front and a square-off exhaust outlet on the rear.

Significantly, this example is a CR-V hybrid. Honda said in its thin press release that the SUV “has a more advanced hybrid system for a sportier driving experience and more power.” We are curious what that entails. The current CR-V hybrid has a powertrain that works mostly like a series hybrid and it produces a combined 212 horsepower. We suspect that some more energy may be in order.

We don’t have to wait for details. Honda says the new CR-V will be released this summer. And with a model year of 2023, it shouldn’t reach dealers too late. Stay tuned.

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