2023 Ford Taurus Preliminary Details for Middle East Revealed – Rebuilt Mondio Gets

The Ford Torres was a sedan for the North American market that was discontinued as part of the Blue Oval’s plan to stop selling sedan models in North America, although today the nameplate will survive for the Middle Eastern market, in a sedan that has been rebranded. From Mondeo to China.

Ford has released preliminary details of the D-Segment sedan that is going through durability tests in the Middle East, so that the model can confirm the heat, dust and sand typically encountered by vehicles in the region.

When the Chinese-market Mondeo released an official filing, it was shown with different versions of the external trim; Here, Taurus uses a simpler version of its front fascia, without the vertical trimmed pieces extending from the front bottom bumper inlet.

On the side and back, Taurus works metallic-looking bright along its side seal and bottom rear bumper part. Elsewhere, Taurus has got a panoramic sunroof as well as three alloy wheel options, with a design with a two-tone machine finish shown here.

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Under the skin, the Ford Taurus packs a 2.0-liter EcoBust turbocharged inline-four-cylinder petrol engine that produces 234 hp and 376 Nm of torque in the Mondeo application, or the same output as the Evos crossover. It will be powered by an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Inside, the Taurus reveals a new interior design direction for non-truck Ford models, where a dual-widescreen display layout is adopted. For comparison, truck-based models like the Ranger and Everest combine a portrait-based infotainment unit with digital driver instrumentation on a steep dashboard, while crossovers like the EcoSport and Puma design a floating tablet with a more sloping dashboard.

Taurus’s internal equipment consists of an eight-inch digital instrument cluster for the driver, where infotainment comes courtesy of a 13.2-inch central screen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; Mobile devices can also benefit from wireless charging in Taurus. In terms of active safety, the equipment here includes adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation and blind spot intervention.

The Middle East has received a new Taurus sign thanks to its appetite for sedans, and last year Taurus grew 527% year on year in the mid-sized sedan segment in the UAE, Ford said. 63% and 42% in Bahrain.

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