2023 Cadillac Lyric AWD Trim Makes 500 HP, Pounds 3,500

With the Cadillac Lyric debut version for the first delivery this summer, the luxury automaker has been a bit open about what’s coming in an Instagram Q&A session. It turns out that before the end of the year, a dual-motor all-wheel-drive will enter lyrical production, putting 500 battery-electric horsepower on the road. This is a healthier bump above the 340 hp produced by the single motor in the rear-wheel-drive debut version, and puts the Cadillac in the same performance league as the 480-hp Ford Mach-E GT and 516-hp BMW iX xDrive50. . Cadillac did not mention a torque figure for the AWD crossover – the RWD weighs 325 pounds-feet – but said it would be able to pull 3,500 pounds. Based on the data that Cadillac has released so far, this figure exceeds the toe rating of the single-motor version at 0 pounds.

The single-motor trim made some noise, too, though. Previously, Cadillac had estimated a range of more than 300 miles for the RWD model alone. During the Q&A, the company gave a more favorable EPA estimate of 312 miles on a full battery. The AWD trim, supposed to get the same Ultium pack with a usability capacity of 100 kW, is expected to be a few miles away from that number. With a DC fast charging capacity of up to 190 kW, Lyric is capable of covering about 75 miles in 10 minutes. On a Level 2 charger, the battery plug refills about 54 miles per hour.

Order the book for the production run which opens its debut edition on 19 May in two weeks. The automaker said it received more than 230,000 “expressions of interest” in the lyric. If Cadillac converts half of these hand-risers into buyers, Lyric’s sales will be roughly the same as last year’s sales of Cadillac’s entire model line in the United States. Even at a 10% conversion rate, Lyriq would mean an increase of about 20%. More trims will be sold in the fall, with delivery forecasts for next year.

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