2023 BMW M2 M shows performance parts

The last time we saw a 2023 BMW M2 wearing M Performance Parts on Instagram, the image came from a random motorist waiting behind a camouflage M2 prototype at a stop light. That angle reveals rectangular pipes with high wing and even more aggressive diffuser housing angles. BMW is now ready to boast of some aftermarket kits, with the caption, “Driving Excellence Details, awaiting publication.” M has uploaded two pictures of a Camode M2 ​​taken from the M Division side to Instagram. This time we get to see another look of the High Wing that will be proud of the ducktail spoiler wearing the coupe from the factory. There is also a close-up of special wheels, the 1000M Duplicate Unit in Matte Gold Bronze that anyone who wants to transfer thousands of dollars can fit into the larger M3 and M4.

These wheels are supposed to be hung at the end of a wide track to best handle the suspected 450 horsepower sent through them. That, in turn, has made for even denser haunches courtesy of fenders out of the thrust.

This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​is celebrating 50 years of the BMW motorsport division. “I’m looking forward to unveiling a specific car for the first time in the world in particular – a vehicle we’ve been waiting for so long,” M boss Frank Van Mill said of the event. Since we know that the M4 CSL is being shown at this month’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, we suspect that he may be talking about the new M2. We called the M2 CS “brilliant” and a “pocket Hercules”, and four years ago, the M branch called the M2 “the driver of strong growth.” Funny what a hello car can do that reminds us of the brand’s glory. All eyes will be on England from 23 to 26 June.

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