2023 BMW iX1 testing shown – EV version of the next-gen X1 SUV with a range of 438 km;

BMW has released the first picture of the upcoming iX1 as the electric SUV is going through winter tests at its facility in Arjeplog in northern Sweden. The iX1 was first teased in March this year and will offer an estimated range of 413-438 kilometers according to WLTP standards.

According to the German carmaker, the EVT will feature the fifth generation of its drive technology and will have two electric motors – one for each axle – for all-wheel drive. The iX1 will be the brand’s third Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) to have a fully electric drive system after the iX and iX3.

No further details were given, such as output and performance statistics, but the company said that the Powertrain will optimize the traction and dynamic performance supported by its near-actuator wheel slip limiting technology.

The iX1 is effectively a fully electric version of the third-generation X1 (allegedly codenamed U11), the previous set will arrive later this year. Meanwhile, the X1 will debut in early autumn (September to November) and will be available with an internal combustion engine and plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Enabling this multi-powertrain approach is the FAAR (Frontantriebsarchitektur) platform that underpins the brand new X1, an evolution of the UKL platform used by the current F48 X1 and designed with ICE, PHEV and EV powertrains in mind. .

In the context of the shared FAAR platform, the general design of the iX1, as suggested by the photos of the tested prototypes, will also apply to its other powertrain partners. While not immediately obvious at first glance, the next X1 seems to have grown larger with a “harder” and more “blocked” shape.

Newly sized headlamps and taillight clusters with new graphics can also be made fairly well, while the door handles are now flushed with the car body, at least for the sake of maximum range on the iX1. We’re still a few months away from the launch of the X1 and iX1, so hopefully BMW will release some more information as we approach autumn.

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