2022 Volkswagen Golf R Road Test

It’s been almost a year since we got behind the wheel of the Euro-Spec 2022 Volkswagen Golf R for our first drive. Now, VW has the US-spec Golf R, and we decided to find out if it still holds our last conclusion about making it “so much fun.”

There is a big difference between this Golf R and the previous one (among the other smaller ones) and what we ran with the transmission. This Golf R features VW’s six-speed manual, a special treat for North America. As you can see, the European golf and exclusively VW’s Seven-Speed ​​DSG is automatically fitted, but the lucky ones in the US can choose our preferred method.

Unfortunately, opting for a manual transmission results in a slightly lower torque engine. The updated 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder DSG in the Golf R produces 315 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, but the VW dials 280 lb-ft of torque back with the manual. We’re sure your local tuner will gladly turn you around, but say goodbye to your warranty while you’re at it.

Despite the small penalty for pushing, the availability of a manual is still something to be grateful for. The infection itself is quite subtle. Moving the shifter through the gates is not some biblical experience, but there are enough reactions to entertain us and to refrain from calling it rubbery.

The VW has swapped the characteristic golf ball-shaped knob for a chunky, square knot and it feels like a downgrade. And while the first impression with the clutch made us want more feeling, we warmed up with its use. Overall the package is average for a manual transmission in a performance car, but beggars should not be the picker: its mere existence is still enough to make us happy. At the same time, we don’t insult anyone for picking up a nice seven-speed DSG on it.

One of the first items we read specifically for the first time behind the wheel of the European Golf R was its optional Akrapovich exhaust system. That titanium exhaust is not available in the United States, but our car gets its own valve exhaust instead. Fortunately, the replacement is not much lower than the Akrapovič system in terms of sound level and quality. It is Blots, Pops And Rough With lots of authority. The perforated quad tips of the Akrapovič system prevail in style, but rest assured that the US-spec exhaust can actually be a little besier and guttural. We need to compare with the back to be sure, but in short, we don’t seem to be completely missing out.

Top left: Whatever you see at night; Top right: What you see at night with interior dome lighting

It’s been thoroughly beaten at the moment, but if you need another reminder, Volkswagen’s new climate and audio controls are the least user-friendly in the business. Make sure it’s light outside of the first time you’re running a Golf R, because otherwise you’ll need to flip the dome light to change the cabin’s temperature or adjust the volume. The VW uses a touch capacitive panel on the center stack just below the infotainment system, but these panels are not backlit at night (problem pictured above), leaving you completely unaware of where you need to stab or slide your finger.

They are not exactly easy to use at high noon, either. Even after knowing where the sliders are, it is hell to use them while driving with your hands on a bad road. Also, accidental touch of volume or temperature adjustment with frequency occurs when you are trying to navigate directly through the infotainment system above. Perhaps it was a bad idea for a palm stabilizer to keep touch sensitive control in the perfect place? We didn’t take care of this setup last year, and extra time with Mk. 8 only reinforces our concern that this poor design must be replaced with the Golf R, GTI, ID.4 and any future Volkswagen.

Fortunately, golf and driving are an absolute pleasure. The level of pleasure depends on which drive mode you dial through VW’s complex new drive mode selector. For the most part, this is a “special” mode configured exclusively for Nুরrburg, Germany, which allows you to have the most fun from the chassis. This keeps the throttle response, steering and exhaust in their most aggressive settings, but also keeps the dampers in a softer tone. James May may be confused, but the “Nurburging” setup seems to be the best setup for tearing apart America’s poorly maintained road maze. Take it one step further through the various screens to activate “ESC Sport” (no, not pressing the TCS / ESC button) and you can clearly feel the benefits of VW’s Trick Rear Differential with a small allowance. Power driven slip angle.

New for mk. 8 Golf R, this differential greatly enhances your level of fun while exploring what the car can do. Capable of sending rearward up to 50% of engine torque over AWD systems, the new torque-vector rear differential with two multi-plate clutches can deliver up to 100% of the rear torque specified on a single wheel. This means that at an angle, the Golf R can point more force at the outer wheel, tightening your line and pushing you through the corner. In practice, this is the converter for all-wheel-drive R. Prior to this new differential, the Golf R always seemed more like a GTI + with rear wheels for the ride, providing extra traction if needed and reducing torque steering. . Now, golf can sometimes feel like a rear-end all-wheel-drive car. It even has a drift mode that allows you to easily overpower the outer rear wheel and turn it round, making it possible for torque-vector rear differential.

Dial the Golf R to return to comfort, and it’s a cool, quiet cruiser. Cool down the drain; The steering becomes lighter and the ride becomes softer. VW’s latest generation DCC adapted dampers manage to soften the ride enough that it is ideal for everyday driving duty. The amplitude of the adjustment via the damper slider is impressive – tighten it all the way and you’ll see that it’s apparently dialed for the smoothest of races and how tight the ride is on the road.

However, as good as golf can drive, the UI makes it difficult to live with the fumble. Your heated seats are stuck in the infotainment system, and in the winter it’s just as annoying to hear the heated seats waiting 15-20 seconds for the screen to fully boot-up before being able to slam. Other staff members have expressed their frustration with the radio management of other VW products in the system, and it is still a valid complaint to have a weak menu structure and zero search or tune buttons on the center stack. And of course, ambient light and multiple screens can be customized through a list of 30 different colors, including numerous combinations of colors, but this is a pig’s multi-colored lipstick.

High-tech and feature-packed are what you’re after, though, golf offers more. VW is choosing to sell Mk. The 8 Golf R is a full-loaded trim this year, and it’s not cheap at $ 45,085. It’s also worth it for the manual – add another $ 800 if you want DSG. Compared to similarly loaded GTIs, you see a premium of $ 6,095 for the R. Is Excess Power and AWD worth that extra cash? We argue that the newly found driving features with rear differential give the R a stronger case than before, but if you’re looking for a base GTI starting at $ 31,270, stick with it. R does not offer a $ 14,000 good driving experience. For some perspectives with the luxury state (because R is so expensive now), the Audi S3 starts at $ 46,895, which makes it perfectly reasonable to cross-shop the two.

My tester is in beautiful lapis lazuli metallic paint and it is just one of three options while the other two are black and white. We can expect VW to bring back its Spectrum Paint color program to brighten things up, since the palette is annoying at the moment.

The single interior option is similarly frustrating. Our Euro-spec golf and epic blue, black and gray patterned seats were fitted with a Swedish ballstar that held us in place. The Plain Titan Black seats in the US Golf R are relatively boring, and there is no substitute for different colors or materials. However, if you have a golf on your radar, what you are looking for may be a lack of flair and style. Its wider back wing is one of the only boy-racer elements that anyone can ridicule, the rest of this utilitarian hatchback is simply a fashion-forward business casual. Your potential backseat riders (clients you want to impress?) Will even have heated seats and their own climate zone.

It’s almost like the moonlight as an entry-level luxury car with Golf R’s price and technical features, but it doesn’t finish the job by swapping all the soft golf interior plastics with superior materials. That said, none of its theoretical competition will be particularly luxurious on the inside. It is also impossible to say how the new Golf R measures for the competition, for the two biggest rivals – the GR Corolla and the upcoming Civic Type R – a car we have not yet been able to drive. If history gives any indication, though, golf and hot hatch will continue to be the world’s most expensive adults. Fortunately, this time of year for these adults is a little more fun.

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