2022 Proton Saga MC2 Facelift Walk-Around Video Tour

As you read about the 2022 Proton Saga MC2 Facelift and compare the spaces of its four variants, now join us in the video walk-around of the video of the second minor change of the third generation Saga.

This year’s update for the Saga may be a little smaller than previous changes in August 2019, but it still has a new sporty variant, a modified dashboard and an extended kit list that will help budget A-segment sedans stay competitive.

In short, the 2022 Saga MC2 has got a new logo and grille on the outside, and a rearranged center console on the inside that needs to be improved for everyday use. Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which was previously exclusive to Premium, has been downgraded to the standard AT level, with the exception of the base standard MT (the only manual proton sold today) security features.

A large portion of the new items for 2022 are reserved for the new Premium S variant. Range-topper features two-tone “four-spoke” Shuriken-style 15-inch alloy (premium downgrade to single-tone), front bumper / side skirt, an all-black interior, red accents and stitching, keyless entry / push. Start and a new infotainment system OS. There is also an external boot release button and auto-fold wing mirror.

The Saga range starts from now RM34,400 For standard MT, and it RM38,300 For standard AT. Premium is for you RM41,300When out of range in premium S RM44,300. With a valid sales tax deduction until June 30, the price on the street without insurance is

The price of this saga is RM2,000 (standard MT), RM3,000 (standard AT) and RM2,000 (premium) respectively. Segment rival Perodua Bezza starts slightly lower than Saga MT (RM33,456 for 1.0 G MT) and much higher than Saga Premium S (RM48,356 for 1.3 AV AT). However, the Base Beja is a 1.0L car and has an ASA safety pack on top.

After joining the walk-around video tour above, follow our full launch report and spec-by-spec comparison. What do you think about the 2022 Saga?

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