2022 Proton Saga MC2 Facelift – May launch confirmed

Proton has officially confirmed that the 2022 Proton Saga MC2 Facelift will launch in May. It’s this month, and there’s a little more than three weeks to go, so it’s really close to the corner.

“The best-selling model in April was the Proton Saga, which sold 4,579 units, with a total of 14,028 units sold from one year to the end of the full month of sales before the 2022 Proton Saga was launched,” Proton said in a statement. Monthly sales report published today.

Now, a refreshed saga is no surprise, since we only showed you two rounds of spikes last week. Don’t expect any mechanical or large skin redesign – external changes are limited to Proton’s new round logo; A red ethereal bow is wrapped around the grill, X50-style; A bodykit for top special cars; Shuriken-style two-tone aloe; And black side mirrors. No change of lights and bumper on both ends.

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Inside, red highlights are found on the meter ring, central AC vent frame, small strip on the steering button, and side AC vents. For an example of how color accents work in Saga, see yellow in the 2020 anniversary edition. Although it is more elaborate here.

The AC control panel is new – it has knobs on both ends and two buttons in the middle. The knobs look like the latest Eris and it looks much better than the current car’s basic three-dial layout.

There seems to be a new OS for the infotainment system as well, judging by the home screen, with more icons and colors. There is also a parody-style “Please check your luggage” reminds you to bring your baby, bag and laptop with you when someone stops the engine. The steering wheel also has Proton’s new round logo.

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A leaked document that made the rounds earlier this month tells us all we need to know about the Saga MC2. There will be a new range-topping 1.3L Premium S AT variant, and you’ll see here an updated trunk lid with new 15-inch wheels and bodykits, auto-fold side mirrors and a release switch.

Other items listed in the document include an updated material cluster, steering wheel and leather cover for seats, a keyless entry with a push start button, and a black headliner. In addition, the 1.3 standard AT variant is set to receive Electronic Stability Control (ESC). 1.3 The standard MT will not have ESC, but will exist as the only manual transmission car of the Proton. Not for long now.

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