2022 Proton Saga MC2 Facelift – Bodykit Teaser Shown

Another day, another official teaser of the 2022 Proton Saga MC2 Facelift, which will launch on May 12. Yesterday, Proton Refreshed Sagar showed off the new front grille (round logo, X50-style red stripe) and a close-up shot. “Four-spoke” Shuriken-style aloe; Today, we can see the side of the car.

“Get ready to experience a new level of excitement with the new Proton Sea. Intelligent Proposition is set to create a greater impact. The best handling in its class that offers you more than just a new car – it’s an experience,” the caption reads. Moving is his best “.

The text talks about saga handling, but what’s more interesting (because it’s new) is the scene of the new bodykit, especially the side skirts. As you can see, they are rather thick and prominent, and they will be joined by a front bumper skirt for balance. There is nothing in the rear bumper. Side skirts and front bumper add-ons are exclusive to the new range-topper called Premium S.

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The teaser shows the 15-inch two-tone wheel moving. This new rim will be for the premium and premium S variants – running with standard 14-inch items. Other exterior changes include a black side mirror cap and a black rear number plate garnish with a proton script.

The spikes give us a glimpse of the interior of the 2022 Saga, which accentuates the red a lot. You’ll find “sporty colors” on the air vent frame (with directional tabs), meter rings, and steering wheel button dividers. The center stack has been rearranged in terms of QB holes and has a new AC control panel that looks like a panel from the 2022 Iriz, but without the airflow adjustment and piano key-style buttons. New Proton logo on the steering wheel.

The 7.0-inch infotainment touchscreen (later premium) gets a glossy black surround, new graphics (with an X50-style Proton logo home button) and a “please check your stuff” farewell screen seen in the Peruvian. Instead of the new Atlas OS found in the recent Iriz / Person, the OS seems to be the same Android-based system as before.

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Other new features include keyless entry, push-button start, auto-fold side mirror, an external boot release (why was it dropped earlier?) And leather upholstery. Electronic stability control has also been extended to include standard AT (base standard MT continues without ESC), although there is still no autonomous emergency braking.

No change is expected for what is under the hood, and the Saga will have to run the soldier with the 1.3-liter naturally ambitious four-pot, known as 95 PS and 120 Nm. Aside from the five-speed manual in the base variant, the Compro VVT is paired with a Hyundai-sourced four-speed automatic gearbox, introduced in the 2019 Facelift to replace the long-range 4AT.

Two more days left to launch. Maybe tomorrow’s final teaser will be internal.

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