2022 Proton Saga Active Rendered – Rage MC2 Facelift Inspired by Iris Active

The 2022 Proton Saga MC2 facelift was launched yesterday, and it didn’t take long for Theophilus Chin to render to start feeding with the A-segment sedan. What he came up with was a saga that was made to look more rugged by taking ingredients from Eris Active.

Introduced in August last year, the Iriz Active Hall is visually distinguished from the lesser options by a range-topping variant of the Proton hatchback and its distinctive Fender extensions, which have been adapted and adapted to the Theo-made Saga Active.

However, where the Fender extensions of Eris Active ended in black, they are body-colored for this example. Theo did the same for the hatchback and if you want to see what it looks like, go here.

In addition to the wide body, the Saga Active, despite having a similar “four-spoke-style”, matches the Iriz Active with a 16-inch (15-inch largest) side skirt and wheels. Also rendered on the car’s black roof and window frames

So, what do you think about Theor Saga Active? Does it look attractive to you and would you buy such a body kit for your Sagar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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