2022 Perodua Alza D27A open for booking, 3 variants, launching in June,

With the prospect of launching the brand new Perudua Alza (codename D27A), dealers are looking to get a major start by accepting bookings for the redesigned MPV from Perudua before an official announcement.

A recent post by a Facebook group focusing on 2022 Alza claims that there will be a launch next month and the price of the MPV will be from RM69k. Of course, it invites customers to make a booking to stand in line with a RM100 refundable fee.

The launch of the current Alza (codename D46T) is expected to end in April this year after reports of earlier delays in production due to flash floods, lockdowns and other restrictions. Done.

When the production expansion was announced, the carmaker announced that it would start building the D27A as soon as the D46T is discontinued, said Peruvian President and CEO Datuk Joynal Abidin Ahmed. “Hopefully the transition between the old Alza and the new Alza will be smooth.”

2022 Toyota Avanza

The post further states that the new Alzer will be available in three variants, starting with Base X and then Mid-Spec H and Range-Topping AV. As mentioned earlier, the starting price is estimated to be RM69k, so expect that everything after X will violate the RM70k mark.

If true, the price of the new Alza will be on top of the model it replaces. By the way, outgoing Alza is between RM49,944 and RM60,525. Keep in mind that these are on-the-road prices without insurance and have a 100% factor with ongoing sales and service tax (SST) exemptions. Excluding SST rebates, Alza actually starts at RM51,490 and peaks at RM62. 690

Still, a starting price of RM69k puts Alza far ahead of the Ativa (starting at RM61,500) in terms of price and closer to Aruze. However, the larger of the two SUVs has a ladder-frame construction and rear-wheel drive layout compared to the Alger Unibody and front wheel drive.

With that in mind, Alza is expected to be built on the same Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA) as the locally integrated (CKD) Ativa and the latest Toyota Avanza / Daihatsu Zenia. It will be a larger vehicle than the one it replaces, although the wheelbase remains unchanged at 2,750mm – longer than the Proton Exora (+20mm) but shorter than the Mitsubishi Expander (-25mm).

2022 Toyota Avanza

The asking price should be justified by all the improvements that the new model brings to the outgoing on, not only when it comes to size, but also in terms of materials, design and most importantly, safety technology. The Peruvian current line-up is well equipped for passive and active safety kits, and Alza will not be left out.

Below the bonnet, we hope that the latest Avanza 2NR-VE 1.5 liter naturally-aspiring dual VVT-i four-cylinder (106 PS and 138 Nm) single power plant will be available, with a D-CVT to run. Added. The front wheel A more detailed description of what we currently know and hope for the upcoming Alza can be found here.

So, the word from the dealers is a June launch, three variants and a starting price of RM69k. We will still wait to confirm that the order has officially started before we pay some real money from Peruvian but if you want to get in the queue early, please be extremely careful.

As we have seen with the Ativa before, there are scammers out there looking to take advantage of the overwhelmed car buyers who can’t wait to get their hands on the new model. For example, do your best and make sure you are working with a Peruvian authorized sales consultant and dealership.

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