2022 Perodua Alza D27A – New Vintage Brown, Elegant Black Color Option, 1.5L

It was reported last week that the all-new Perodua Alza, codenamed D27A, is expected to launch in the market next month. An mid-year release has been confirmed from an internal circular sent to dealers earlier this month.

Although there was no mention of a specific role timeline, the document – as seen by this publication – told dealers to remove their old Alza test drive unit from their showroom to prepare for the arrival of the new MPV and only show features. New cars, and they can start the clearing process from May 16. This indicates that a June launch is very likely, so far rumors have been circulating that the June 26 launch.

The notification confirms the number of previously reported variants, as well as the vehicle’s powertrain / drivetrain – there will be three versions of the D27A, a base 1.5LX CVT (variant code BP5XZ), then a mid-spec 1.5LH. CVT (BP5HZ) and a range-topping 1.5L AV CVT (BP5VZ).

The exterior color palette of the car has also been revealed. New Alzer buyers will have five choices to choose from, these are a solid and four metallic shades. Solid, ivory white, as well as glittering silver and a new elegant black, are available for three variants, while garnet red and vintage brown will only be available for H and AV variants.

The price is not mentioned in the circular, but as indicated in our previous post, the starting price for the X is estimated to be RM69k, so everything after the X will violate the RM70k mark – the word on the street is that H will go for about RM74k and AV, approx. From RM80k. If it really is, the price of the new Alza will be on top of the model it replaces.

By the way, outgoing Alza between RM49,944 and RM60,525. Keep in mind that these are on-the-road prices without insurance and have a 100% factor with ongoing sales and service tax (SST) exemptions. Excluding SST rebates, Alza actually starts at RM51,490 and peaks at RM62. 690

Nonetheless, a starting price of RM69k puts Alza far ahead of the Ativa (starting at RM61,500) price and closer to Aruz. However, the larger of the two SUVs has a ladder-frame construction and rear-wheel drive layout compared to the Alger Unibody and front wheel drive.

Alza is expected to be built on the same Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA) platform as the latest Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia, along with the locally integrated (CKD) Ativa. It will be a bigger vehicle than the one it replaces, and it is obviously an improvement over the older models replacing it in terms of materials, design and most importantly, safety technology.

The 1.5L reference means the new D27A will only get one engine choice, and that should be Avanza’s 2NR-VE 1.5-liter naturally-aspired dual VVT-i four-cylinder mill, which offers 106 PS and 138 Nm on the way to the output. , Attached to a D-CVT to drive the front wheels.

It won’t take long for the new Alza cover to break, it seems. For more details on what we currently know and expect from the upcoming D27A, read our post here.

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