2022 Monthly Trophy Road Test in Levant Paint the city red

Auburn Hills, Mich. – This is a turning point for Masrati and many of his contemporaries. We are in the throes of an electric future that is taking shape but not yet a reality. Until that day comes, we’re taking our final lap on things like the 580-horsepower Levante Trophy.

Attitude, sharp design and packing an engine ready for the Emola, this Levante recalls what Maserati did well in its 108-year history, three decades before Ferrari. Except for the sport utility body style, this vehicle could make the moon in almost any era.

In 2022, however, this is not a template. Maserati will replace the Ferrari-built V8, such as under the hood of my test car, with its in-house Nettuno V6, a 600-hp twin-turbo engine that is the largest engine project in decades. Eventually the brand will become all-electric.

Here and now, Levante Trofeo is an eye-catching go. More amazing than the engine, the $ 17,000 Rosso Magma paint looks like it should come with a parole officer. It is available through the Fuoriserie Corse customization program and is the most expensive alternative to this 2022 Levante Trofeo, a sticker for $ 173,550. In some light it looks almost iridescent. Other add-ons include the Carbon-Fiber Paddle Shifter ($ 450), the painted 22-inch suspension wheel ($ 400) and the Gloss Black brake caliper ($ 500). Because of the Trofeo trim, it is already loaded with the best features of the Modena and GT variants.

This is our first taste of Levante since the month of 2021 for the month of Trim Lineup. This updated month wears the symbol and trident, and the trophy is spelled out in a script that has a 1980s vibe. Otherwise, we have known this Levant for several years.

It arrived on a bright and unusually cold spring morning, the booming base of the exhaust note echoing in my vicinity. From the back, it cuts a Porsche silhouette a bit, but the shark tooth grille on the front makes no doubt that it is of Italian descent, especially the moon. It’s reminiscent of things like the 1950s A6GCS racer, for the Alpheeri concept, the Tipo 60 birdcage and deep cut. Although the front border of the design is elegant, things are measured more towards the rear, where the roof slope gently enters the curvaceous fender. Masrati also gets the details right. LED taillights have a lens size of 7 The green, white and red of the Italian flag subtly mark the B-pillar. The angular vent signals the power below the long, creased hood. This is a complete design performance.

I set off for a drive along the northern edge of suburban Detroit, crossing residential areas and finding myself near the Stellantis headquarters in Auburn Hills, not far from the North American office in Maserati, which moved here in 2017. I loop the fence and go back to the expressway. The trophy is the hot rod in the Levante range, and its defining feature is the twin-turbo V8. In addition to lots of horsepower, it serves 538 pound-feet of torque and is capable of sprinting at 60 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds. It teamed well with the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, running smoothly through fast but fast gears during solid acceleration. The eight cylinders flow their rage through the quadrangular exhaust, producing a guttural sound consisting of a bark, a roar, and a thoroughly Italian resonance.

The Active Air suspension has a ‘Skyhook’ shock absorber for a sportier ride, and the month offers one of the more aggressive driving setups in this segment. I feel a twist in my abdomen when I hit sport mode and hit a curvy on-ramp to merge into Interstate 75. The chassis becomes flexible and I feel like the 5,070-pound guy is leaning towards the road before the road straightens and I rush into the traffic during the morning rush hour. . The steering gives more responsiveness in sport mode, but is actually lighter when traveling around town. The brakes are straightforward and impressive scrub speed, which is helpful when you are driving a bright red Italian SUV. Punch-up Corsa mode, available only in Trofio, and you get the toughest rides, the loudest note and the most athletic driving experience, while the electronic stability and traction controls are tempered.

Rosso Magma paint denies a relatively repressed interior. It is tastefully set up in black and gray with carbon-fiber accents and red stitching. The dashboard uses buttons from other Stalantis products, and the infotainment system is good. It works, but a larger, more colorful screen – as is the case with most RAM and Zip products – will help keep the mascara moving. It operates as an SUV, with a large cargo hold under that hatch and room for a car seat in the second row. After my morning exams, I used Levante Trofeo for work and football practice, which is why you are buying a crossover and why Masrati sells one.

The Levante works on Trophy’s design, unrefined Ferrari power and the notion that a month is much less common than a BMW or Porsche. Until the Ferrari crossover arrives here, if you want a medium-sized Italian SUV, it’s the Levante or Lamborghini Urus (starting at $ 218,000). That said, the BMW X6 M (600 hp for RP 109,600 MSRP), the Porsche Cayenne Turbo Coupe (541 hp for $ 139,500), and the Jaguar F-Pace SVR (550 hp, $ 84,600) are even better – which is a Strange statement 6 You really want a month to support that aspiration and you have to have the wealth of a generation.

Still, I was fascinated by the long weekend at the Levante Trophy. Yes, some internal bits do not match the price tag and the character of the drive can be a bit harsh; Now you have been advised so. As such, it is similar to the F-Pace SVR that I drove a few months ago. There are some compromises, but it is exceptional in some ways. There is no other Italian SUV with traditional styling and Ferrari V8 power. Lamborghini’s angular urus is trying to be a supercar, and Ferrari is not ready yet. We don’t know how the electric future of the month will be, but for now, vehicles like the Levante Trophy work with the company’s power. Style and power go a long way, as this rugged SUV displays.

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