2022 Mazda Sports Mazda 3 with Body Kit, Dark Grill Around, Leather / Suede

We recently saw this rather unique Mazda 3 on display at the Mazda Glenmary showroom, which may be offering a Mazdasports package for customers. The name Mazdasports is not new here, as it is used for Mazda Malaysia’s advanced driving academy.

Earlier, Burmaj Motor – the official distributor of Mazda cars here – implemented it in an optional package offered to buyers of previous, third generation Mazda 3 hatchbacks. The sed package includes several visual enhancements such as a body kit, exhaust finish, red accents as well as modified seats and steering wheel.

This Mazda 3 sedan seems to follow the same procedure, as it also gains extra body material like a new rear apron with front splitter, side skirt and a diffuser-like material. Other differences from a regular model include a darker grille instead of ordinary chrome, a prominent exhaust finish and a small boot lid spoiler.

The lack of keyless entry and rear air vents suggests it to be the base variant of the Mazda 3 sedan, which packs a Skyactive-G 1.5-liter naturally-aspired four-cylinder petrol engine (118 hp and 153 nm), paired with a six. – Speed ‚Äč‚Äčautomatic transmission front wheel driving.

The variant is said to come with fabric seats, but instead of this example its seats are trimmed in leather and suede. Also used for suede shift boots and the top of the steering wheel, when you get the “MS” branding on the back of the front seats.

We have checked and stated that these add-ons are not currently available for purchase and it is not yet certain whether they will be offered in the future. Would you be interested in buying them if they were officially sold through a dealership?

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