2022 Mazda MX-30 Advanced 11 kW AC and 50 kW DC charging – new trim and

Mazda has updated its first mass production EV, MX-30, for the 2022 model year, which will go on sale in Europe from July this year. The MX-30 was first launched in October 2019 and is currently available in Europe and the United States, with Malaysia ready to join the list following a preview held last month.

First introduced in a technical update, the latest MX-30 features have increased charging efficiency “to make it easier to use” according to the car manufacturer. For starters, the EV now supports three-phase AC charging (Type 2 connection) at a maximum rate of 11 kW, which is better than the previous 6.6 kW.

As for DC Fast Charging (CCS2 connection), peak power input has been increased from 40 kW to 50 kW, which Mazda says reduces the time from 20-80% charge to just 26 minutes instead of 10 minutes. 36 minutes.

Thus, the MX-30’s AC and DC charging capabilities have been improved, but there are some exceptions to the latter. See, when the MX-30 was first announced, Mazda stated in its release that the EV supports DC charging up to 50 kW.

Subsequent local announcements in the United Kingdom and the United States echoed the same thing, so the numbers are kind of weird. In any case, we will take Mazdar’s word for the time being and continue. Earlier, as a side note, the MX-30 that Burmaj Motors showed us in April supported 6.6 kW AC and 40 kW DC charging.

In addition to the revised charging rate, the rest of the MX-30’s powertrain is otherwise unchanged. It still has a 35.5-kWh lithium-ion battery that powers a front-mounted electric motor with 145 PS (143 hp or 107 kW) and 271 Nm of torque, with a range of about 199 kilometers.

Other changes include further optimization of the sound frequency emitted by the vehicle’s “EV sound” system, which provides the driver with an audible response associated with throttle usage. Mazda says the sound frequency is set at 100-200 Hz – “other sounds can be heard while the car is running, such as wheels and the sound of the wind – so that drivers can recognize the amount of torque in a natural way without any sensation.” The sound is unusual. “

For 2022, the number of multi-tone color schemes has been increased to four, with Jet Black and a new zircon sand (beige) added to the list of options. In the meantime, the interior gets three additional themes to choose from, including Modern Confidence (white leather with melange fabric, orange stitching and natural cork) and industrial vintage (brown leather, denim colored fabric and a dark colored cork).

There’s also a new urban expression (full-black interior with denim fabric upholstery, dark brown cork console and gray and white accents for door grip trim). In line with the Mazda method for durability in car production, some seating fabrics use up to 20% recycled thread.

The design of the MX-30 is unchanged from the previous one, so you’ll still find the RX-8-style Suicide Door on the back, while the interior has a dual-screen setup for the center console – an 8.8-inch infotainment at the top and a seven-inch climate control at the bottom. Also a windscreen-projected head-up display and another seven-inch screen act as a digital instrument cluster.

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